This playful song is a great instance of Kiss" blfinish of rock and also pop through sexually suggestive lyrics. It came to be a crowd favorite and was a constant at their concerts in the "70s.

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Montrose from IllinoisThe Elder blows like the wind. Kiss ideal stuff is from their initially 6 albums and also Alive versions, and I really prefer Hotter than Hell the finest of those. Like many kind of at an early stage Kiss songs this song has actually a catchy riff. This is great occupational by Paul although Ace will certainly constantly be my favorite member. He made their sound. Laurent from Manama, BahrainI love DTK. It is just one of the band"s exceptionally finest record. This particular song is really great. Stanley is the heart and also heart of KISS, the real artist in the band also. He deserves much more kudos and also credibility that what he receives. A true legfinish. Jaboy from Aurora, CoI agree through Normale,Decatur,IL. The Elder is an excellent album. KISS requirements to play this album in it"s totality live!Gary from Springarea, MoThat"s Paul Stanley playing the lead break on the opening to this song.Axeman from Melbourne, AustraliaSome GOOD tracks on Dressed to Kill!Axemale from Melbourne, AustraliaSome GOOD tracks on Dressed to Kill!Cam from Cambridge, CanadaIn 1975 KISS did a pair promos of this song and also rock and also roll all nite.The day after the shooting for the promos they took the photo of KISS Alive! on the very same stage as the promos wearing the exact same costumes.Norguy from Decatur, IlFrank, How can you say this is an under-rated album.Unless you are refering to the Destroyer album as being the greatest one. I prefer the ELDER actually, because of the early on opera style as through QUEENSRYCHE Operation mindcrime, and Tommy from THE WHOAnonymousThis album was released in 1975.This was the bands 3rd album prior to they exploded via "alive" I agree that "lover her all I can" and also "rock n roll all night" are smooth and also tight! Dont forget about "she" What a good song! I would say that this is one of the bands best documents Mike Crater From pottstown paAndrew from TorontoI agree through Frank from Staten Island.This album is catchy and moves along at an excellent pace via well created pop songs and also very melodic accoustic guitar backing many these tracks,C,mon N Love me,Love Her All I Can,Getaway and of course Rock N Roll All Nite.Need I say more?One of their ideal,in my opinion.Tom from Fishkill, NyMy initially band also "Rundal" did a cigarette smoking cover of this tune. I especially love the line: "You were far-off, currently you?re nearerI have the right to feel your challenge inside the mirrorThe lights are out and also I deserve to feel you, baby, via my hand"Frank from Staten Island also , NyA good song from an extremely under-rated album. Dressed To Kill is one of the band"s finest. This song is so cocky and cool. Paul Stanley is at his best!watch more comments
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