The John F. Kennedy Center for the Percreating Arts has over 150 theater rental occasions each year. See which one best fits your function.

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Concert Hall

2,465 Capacity

Non-Profit - $28,140 Standard - $36,750

Renovated in 1997, the Concert Hall is the largest performance area in the Kennedy Center, seating 2,465. This state-of-the-art facility, which initially opened up in 1971, sets brand-new criteria for accessibility and also sound with a high-tech acoustical canopy, available places on eexceptionally level, and new seating sections (onphase boxes, chorister seats, and parterre seats).


Opera House2,364 Capacity

Non-Profit - $26,646 Standard - $34,783

The Opera House is the second-biggest theater in the Center, through 2,364 seats. It was designed for ballet, opera, and also musical theater. Over the years, the Opera Housage has actually invited dozens of the world"s excellent dance and opera providers and also has hosted some of the most vital imaginative events of the last quarter century.


Eisenhower Theater1,164 Capacity

Non-Profit - $13,050 Standard - $17,036

The Eisenhower Theater, traditionally house to many type of of the Kennedy Center"s theater and also dance performances, reopened up in 2008 after a 16-month, $17.9 million renovation. The theater now seats 1,164 human being, making it roughly comparable in dimension to many kind of Broadmethod theater homes. The theater includes an orchestra pit for 35 musicians that is convertible to a forestage or added seating room.


Terrace Theater490 Capacity

Non-Profit - $5,768 Standard - $7,725

The Terrace Theater is the busiest theater within The Kennedy Center, hosting up to 180 performances annually ranging from music, jazz, dance, film, lectures, and even more. Importantly, it likewise serves as a main space with which the Center welcomes neighborhood arts groups and also its artistic constituents, including WPA, Opera Lafayette, and also many type of even more.


Theater Lab388 Capacity

Non-Profit - $4,635 Standard - $6,026

For more than 32 years, the Theater Lab has actually been home to Shear Madness, the hilarious whodunit that lets the audience play armchair detective. The Lab additionally periodically hosts totally free Millennium Stage performances. The theater seats 388.


Family Theater324 Capacity

Non-Profit - $3,780 Standard - $4,913

Unveiled on December 9, 2005, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Perdeveloping Arts" new 324-seat Family Theater (formerly the Film Theater) provides a new residence for world-class family theater performances for the nation"s youth and also continues the Kennedy Center"s $125 million commitment to performing arts education and learning for adults and also kids afavor.

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Vaccination and also Mask Policy

Effective September 1, 2021

To ensure our patrons’ health and wellness and security, and also the safety of our performers and also staff, the Kennedy Center has applied the following policy:

Proof of complete vaccination against COVID-19 and a valid photo ID are required to attfinish all indoor performances and also occasions at the Kennedy Center.

Children under 12 years of age and patrons through a medical problem or a closely-held religious idea that prevents vaccicountry should provide proof of an adverse COVID-19 PCR test carried out no even more than 72 hours before attending an indoor performance. Please see the complete COVID safety and security plan for even more indevelopment on what is accepted.

Masks are forced at all times for all patrons and tourists regardmuch less of vaccicountry condition in all indoor spaces at the Kennedy Center.

Ticket purchasers are responsible for connecting these rules to whomever before they carry out tickets. Performance ticket holders who execute not comply with these policies will not be admitted.

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Recheck out the full policy details and also requirements

Vaccination and Mask PolicyEffective September 1, 2021

To enter our theaters, patrons must present proof they are totally vaccinated versus COVID-19 - through a physical or digital copy of their vaccination card and also government-issued ID through the exact same name. Fully vaccinated indicates 14 days have passed because the full dose of a vaccine.Masks are forced for all audiences inside the Kennedy Center, except while eating or drinking in designated areas.Ticket purchasers are responsible for communicating these rules to whomever before they provide tickets.The vaccine necessity additionally uses to performers and staff.

See the full COVID Safety Plan