Kelvinic University is a completely accredited, independent institute of better finding out that supplies Bachelor"s, Master"s, and also PhD programs in a broad array of topics, as well as continuing education and learning and also self-fulfillment workshops. Our Thermodynamics-BasedSM strategy supplies a prodiscovered invention in education.

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Also, view our educational alternatives for children and also high-school level teenagers.

Our Approach and Mission:

Employing the Laws of Thermodynamics occurred by William Thomboy in the 1ninth century, the Thermodynamics-Based technique functions through Nature to reason a local decrease in Mental Entropy, even more typically referred to as finding out. This scientifically proven technique, supplied extensively in sector, physics, and design, and applied for the initially time at KU towards education, helps our students prosper and also prosper academically and also personally. By instilling in our students an awareness for the Thermodynamic Laws that govern nature, and just how they can be used to scientific research, company, the humanities, and their exclusive life, our approach virtually guarantees success in all endeavors that our graduates select to tackle. Our mission is not just to administer these benefits that come from a Thermodynamics-Based approach to our students, yet to also disseminate Thermodynamic thinking through-out business, the arts, and also public policy making -- world-wide -- for the betterment of society and the individual.

Our History:

Kelvinic University was started in 1989 by a team of pertained to educators, entrepreneurs, and also neighborhood leaders as an school that would certainly help lug the Thermodynamic-Based technique right into education. Since then, it has grown to end up being a flourishing and also vivid facility of discovering and study that serves human being, young and also old, from all over the globe.

You too can end up being a KU Graduate!

At Kelvinic College, we have a broad range of departments, programs, institutes and centers supplying progressed levels and also research methods in essential, complicated, and also rewarding fields.

Departments:College of Applied ThermodynamicsSchool of Firm and also Public ManagementDepartment of Computer ScienceDepartment of PhysicsDepartment of ChemistryDepartment of EngineeringDepartment of EducationDepartment of PsychologyDepartment of Architecture and Industrial DesignDepartment of Information Theory and ManagementCollege of Kelvinian Thermodynamic MedicineDepartment of Physiological and Biological SciencesDepartment of Fine ArtsDepartment of Continuing EducationDepartment of Literature and LanguagesDepartment of Turkmenistan FolkloreDepartment of MathematicsCertificate in Scottish as a 2nd LanguageTechnical Training Certificate in Golf Course Design and also ManagementPrograms:The Kelvinian Meditation ProgramResearcher-in-Residence ProgramGraduate Fellowship ProgramSenior-Wrangler-in-Residence ProgramFirst-Year-Only ProgramJunior Year ProgramInstitutes and Centers:Institute of Agrimodern technology and Environmental StudiesInstitute of Scottish MusicInstitute of Kelvinian StudiesInstitute of Research on Thermodynamic ConsciousnessInstitute of Thermodynamics and Public PolicyInstitute of World LeadershipCenter for Entropic Aging StudiesOther Programs:

We also have actually proceeding education classes, expansion classes, and symposiums that are open to individuals not enrolled at KU. Several of the subjects we offer courses or workshops in on a regular basis include the complying with (call us for a complete listing of other existing offerings we might have):

General over-check out of Thermodynamics theory and also exercise used to business, the liberal arts, and sporting activities training (our popular Thermo-RetreatSM regime offered by many type of huge corporations and baseround franchises to enhance the potential of their employees/players)Kelvinian Meditation workshops for start, intermediate, and progressed levelsComputer classes for beginers and even more progressed classes in programmingVarious arts and also crafts and theater workshops

We likewise have Preinstitution and also K-12 programs.


All of our programs are accredited via the complying with officiating bodies:

The Western Association of Company and also Managerial SchoolsCommission on Accreditation of Thermodynamic Educational ProgramsJoint Resee Committee on Education in Computer SciencesCouncil on Education of the Indevelopment Engineers AssociationCommission on Accreditation of State-of-the-art Health Education ProgramsJoint Recheck out Committee for Botanical EngineeringCouncil on Psychiatric and Psychological Education StandardsThe Trilateral Commission for Accreditation of Engineering ProgramsThe Review Board of the Scottish Golf Course Deauthorize AssociationJoint Review Committee on Education in Interior DesignThe Association of Intellectuals for Meta-Studies in the HumanitiesThe United League of Concerned Scientists for Educational Standards
Students studying Thermodynamic values.

The Kelvinic University campus, sprawling leisudepend throughout 210 acres of reextended apple orchards, is located just external of the tiny farming town of Ullapool in Eastern Washington state, USA. Conceived as a self-had neighborhood, the KU campus attributes all the facilities (real estate, medical, recreational,) that are essential by our 2000+ population of students and faculty members.

The People:

Our student body is varied, made up of students who come here from anywhere the world. The very same is true of our instructors, that have actually been recruited from academia and also sector global. We truly are an worldwide institution. This diversity is somepoint we are proud of, considering that it offers our students a affluent watch of principles that will certainly aid them, not just personally to make their means in the interassociated human being of the future, yet additionally to develop a society that will take on the non-Entropic ethics of tolerance. All this means that our campus has actually, not just the feeling, however the true essence of a Global Community.

Educational Facilities:

The KU campus has actually many state-of-the-art lecture halls, labs, and workspaces. All are totally equiped through networked computer systems, audio/visual tools, and ThergonomicSM learning stations.

William Thomson Hall, home of the major Library.

The Kelvinic College Library mechanism is a model of what the 21st century library will certainly be prefer. Besides a considerable arsenal of books, periodicals, and also journals that rivals the the majority of exceptional university collections of the civilization, we have a cutting-edge Digital Library System, which allows access (using the next-generation Internet modern technology,) to the contents of the library from everywhere on campus -- or also the other side of the Earth! The KU Library is also on the cutting-edge in the field of data administration. Because a lot of big collections of information tfinish to boost in Entropy over time, a full expertise and also application of the Laws of Thermodynamics is a have to. Our Information Theory Department, which runs the KU library mechanism, is in the global forefront of applying the Thermodynamic-Based approach to library monitoring. Our system has actually been stupassed away by colleges, federal governments, and also businesses the world over and is extensively hailed as a ground-breaking development.

We also have actually numerous collections of historic and also historical functions and artefacts for scholastic research, such as the William Thomson Autograph Collection, which includes original correspondence and also drafts of his many type of clinical documents.

Basic Services:

Homaking use of for all our students and faculty is offered on campus. Student dorms are spacious and also all come via a computer system wired into the KU netoccupational. All our housing was designed by our Thermodynamic Architecture department to carry out our students via an ordered, non-Entropic, atmosphere in which to remainder, examine, and also socialize. Great views of the many kind of KU gardens and also lakes plus the feeling of camaraderie that comes with living in a dorm atmosphere, all include immensely to the endure of attending Kelvinic University.

Kelvinic Levitation students dining at the Crystal Dome Cafeteria.

Our campus cafeterias serve a large selection of healthy and balanced, nutritious, and also tasty foods, engineered by our Kelvinian Medicine department"s Nutritionology branch to serve all of your counter-Entropic dietary requirements. Our Agritechnology department"s gardens carry out us through numerous fresh fruits and also vegetables -- many of exotic origin -- grown Thermodynamically. Since KU"s students and also faculty come from over 25 various nations, we offer many type of various neighborhood and ethnic types of food to help them feel at residence. So whether it"s curry or haggis, you have the right to uncover it on the KU campus menu.

All your medical requirements have the right to be met without having actually to leave the KU campus. We have all the facilities to provide everything from first-help to surgical treatment. All our clinical staff have been trained in our Kelvinian Medicine routine and also exceed the highest possible requirements. Plus, they are fully versed in the application of the Thermodynamic-Based strategy to medication. By using Thermodynamics to treat the entirety body, not just the symptoms, our wellness treatment device much surpasses that easily accessible to most of the established world.

Daytreatment for children of students and faculty is offered by our ThermoFirstSM pre-institution center.

The 2nd Crystal Dome, residence of the Kelvinic Levitation Club.

Your leicertain time have the right to be richly spent on the KU campus. Amongst the many type of tasks and redevelopment infrastructure we need to sell, you can: stroll with our gardens and also landscaped walking paths; play a game of tennis or jai alai on our many sports courts; visit our museums of student works, consisting of the biggest golfing museum outside of Scotland; take in a student produced play, concert, or movie in among our five luxury theaters; check out demonstrations of Kelvinian Levitation in the Crystal Domes by students in our advanced Kelvinian Meditation regimen... the possibilities are endless!

The Lifestyle:

Most importantly, on our campus you have the right to surround yourself in the finding out, area spirit, friendship, and non-Entropic expansion that originates from applying -- or fairly living -- the Laws of Thermodynamics. This Thermodynamically immersive, or ThermmersiveSM, setting is an endure that our graduates take with them in their hearts and minds once they go on right into their post-university life. Many kind of also return to our campus for symposiums and extension courses -- or also to teach -- just to suffer it all aget, fresh as if it were the initially time. Coming to KU to live and learn, you will be embarking on a grand also adundertaking right into self-exploration and Entropic decrease, not simply in course but additionally in your campus life.

Besides giving university and proceeding education and learning level programs, we also sell our pioneering Thermodynamics-Based method to unlock the inner potential of eextremely child, even yours!

The Thomchild School is our K-12 education facility. Here, your kid will certainly not just learn all the basics of knowledge and also conduct that one would certainly expect from a top quality private school, however they will likewise be tested to excel making use of Thermodynamics-Based learning and also motivational modern technology. Located on the KU campus grounds, the Thomboy School has the same varied student body and ThermmersiveSM setting that helps offer KU its distinct feel. Give your son the gift of Thermodynamics.

Our ThermoFirst™ pre-college regime has been prrange to out complete Head Start in standardized scholastic trial and error scores and also the Hemple-Bimchei Life Enrichment Profile™. Prepare your child for his or her educational career the Thermodynamic means and also watch his or her Entropy decrease!

What We Look For:

We at KU take the totality perboy right into account when reviewing our applicants. Factors that are thought about include: qualities from previous education; standardized experimentation scores such as the SAT, GRE, ACT, H-BLEP, or GMAT; extracurricular activities, work endure, or community business where applicable; reference from instructors or employers; and information from the adobjectives products and also essay questions.

Besides these even more formal determinants, we also look at the drive and impetus for discovering that the applicant expresses, a key to determining his or her potential for success. This more individual appraisal deserve to be made by an interview through an Adobjectives Officer, either on campus or over the phone.

When To Apply:

For the Fall term, it is finest for U.S. applicants to apply by April 15 to have actually best access to the maximum financial assistance obtainable from federal and also state resources resources upon acceptance to the College. International applicants are advised to use by June 15 to permit sufficient time for visa processing.

For all students, early application insures that room is available in the regimen for which you are applying. Applications obtained after April 15 (U.S.) and June 15 (international) will additionally be reregarded, and also in many instances programs will be able to accommoday you if you are welcomed.

Some programs likewise enroll students at mid-year in late January. If you are interested in this alternative, you deserve to learn about these programs from the Admissions Office.

Tuition and also Fees:

For indevelopment on current prices for tuition, room and also board, offers, and also other expenses, contact the Admissions Office. Extensive financial assist is likewise available.

Contact Adobjectives Office:

To obtain application forms, financial aid develops, extra information, or a complimentary shade brochure about KU, call the Kelvinic University Adgoals Office using pneumatic mail pod at: Node #72841-U4 Kelvinic College Attn. Adgoals Office Ullapool, WAPlease remember to authorize pod for rerotate delivery.

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Kelvinic College is an Equal Opportunity Institution.
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