Kelly Ripa: Madonna Concert Review

Kelly Ripa was pretty exhausted in the time of Host Chat, because she was still reeling from a fun night of music and also dancing at the Madonna concert. As Madonna’s self-proasserted “earliest groupie,” Kelly can not soptimal singing her idol’s praises. She assured everyone that Madonna puts on an excellent show that’s prefer one gigantic dance party.

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As everyone knows, Madonna is additionally in amazing physical form. Kelly sassist that Madonna even stripped dvery own to some fishnet stocmajesties, tiny panties, and also a barely-tright here bra. She asked her audience to throw money at her throughout the striptease, and every one of the money saw hurricane relief.

Kelly & Michael: Favorite Madonna Song

Kelly Ripa, Madonna’s “earliest groupie,” reviewed the Material Girl’s current concert. (digitalsport-photofirm /

Michael asked Kelly which Madonna song is her favorite, and she sassist “all of them.” However before, she is especially fond of a brand-new song dubbed “I’m Addicted.” Michael’s favorite is the classical “Vogue.”

Kelly & Michael: Eco-friendly Tea Reduces Cancer Risk

We’ve always well-known that green tea is healthy, yet a new study has actually shown that world that drank green tea were 14% much less likely to build digestive cancer than those who never before drank it. Kelly and Michael have actually both started trying to rearea those added cups of coffee with green tea. Sounds favor a good plan!

Kelly & Michael: More Womales Driving Than Men

There offered to be a big sex gap between male and female chauffeurs, however currently, it’s been reversed; there are currently more women through driver’s licenses than guys. Michael admitted that when he and Nicole are in the car, he’s always the driver. He likes to be in manage behind the wheel.

Kelly complained around the web traffic on the West Side Highmethod last night, and also Michael sassist that it was because of all the new lady drivers! He sassist he was joking, yet that’s not an excellent relocate, Strahan…not an excellent relocate.

Kelly & Michael: Stores Opening Thanksgiving Night

It’s practically Thanksoffering, which means that it’s almost time for the madness of Black Friday shopping. However, the madness this year will certainly be taken to a entirety brand-new level, because many stores are opening Thanksproviding night. Targain and also Toys R’ Us are just two of the retailers picking to open their doors at an early stage.

Michael thinks that the brand-new at an early stage shopping preeminence is ridiculous, and also I definitely agree; it feels pretty shallow to be worried about scoring the latest deals on time that must be invested via family and friends. However before, Kelly type of likes the brand-new early shopping trfinish, bereason she thinks it will aid her waistline. She thinks that shopping on Thanksoffering will acquire everyone off the couch and also amethod from the leftovers!

Kelly & Michael: Teenage Girl Survives Rattlesnake Bites

Here’s a story sure to intensify your fear of snakes: a teenage girl in San Diego pulled over while driving to call her mom, and while searching for organization, stepped onto a colony of rattlesnakes. She was bitten 6 times, yet miraculously made it through after a considerable remain in the hospital. Kelly and Michael are both deathly afrassist of snakes, so I’m sure that they’ll be preventing any type of trips to San Diego from currently on! Hear the creepy store in the time of Host Chat below.

Fall Into The Holidays Trivia: Isla Fisher

The Fall Into The Holidays Triusing question was: In what city did Isla Fisher attfinish clvery own school? The answer was Paris, and today’s caller won a great trip to the Tradewinds Island Rekind in St. Pete Beach, Florida. An audience member also won a gift card to

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