Both of Kathie Lee Gifford's youngsters wed in 2020, however had small ceremonies bereason of the pandemic. KLG opened up around the current celebrations.

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Kathie Lee Gifford is opening up about her children"s current wedding celebrations — and also sharing her very own tricks to a healthy and balanced, lasting marital relationship.

The former co-organize spoke via Shop"s Jill Martin and also mutual the details around the second celebrations that each of her children newly had actually in a candid Instagram Live.

Both of her youngsters had actually pandemic weddings. Her daughter Cassidy wed Ben Wierda in June 2020, and her kid Cody married Erika Brown in September of the very same year.

Cassidy"s wedding, celebrated at Wierda"s family farm in Michigan, was easy and casual, but for the second celebration she "did all the glam and also the glitz."

Kathie Lee celebrated her daughter's wedding via a distinct ceremony this weekfinish. Michael Kovac / Getty Imperiods for COTA

"She could never before have actually her party and wear her dress and all of that. We had actually that weekfinish this past weekend right here in Nashville at my friend’s area, called Acme and Seed ... The best party area you’ll ever view in your life," Kathie Lee shelp. "It was wonderful for so many various reasons. Number one she lastly gained to wear that glorious Monique Lhuillier dress that I phelp for … And I will be paying for for a long, lengthy time!"

While it was exciting to finally unveil the dress, KLG shelp the highlight was watching Cassidy and Ben stop their vows a second time.


"Now, remember, the last time I witnessed Cassidy do her vows she was wearing a $30 dress off-the-rack, barefoot, at her husband"s family members farm in Michigan, and hadn"t gained a pedicure ... This time she was all decked out, whatever, everything," Kathie Lee rereferred to as. "The spray tan, the nails, the hair, whatever before we human being carry out anyeven more. Magnificent however not any kind of even more beautiful than she remained in a small $30 off-the-rack dress on a farm with the man she loves."

Cody"s second celebration took location just over a month ago in Connectireduced. Kathie Lee shelp that at both ceremonies, she and also her family were able to watch loved ones they hadn"t watched in a lengthy time.

"We witnessed human being we haven’t checked out in practically two years now because of COVID ... It"s simply wonderful to view people you love," Kathie sassist.

Kathie Lee Gifford's son obtained married in the time of the pandemic and organized a second celebration a month and a half earlier. Nathan Congleton / NBC

Kathie Lee likewise mutual some of her a lot of crucial relationship advice. She was married to her second husband also, Frank Gifford, for practically 30 years prior to he passed ameans in 2015. She separated from her initially husband, Paul Johnson, in 1982 after six years of marital relationship.

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"They married well. They took their time ... I was friends via Frank for four years prior to we obtained married. I think if you take the moment to acquire to know someone, and learn to love them ... the possibilities of your marital relationship lasting and coming to be deeper and also deeper as the years go by are predicated on friendship. they have a far better chance of lasting if you"re friends initially," Kathie Lee described.

Kathie Lee and also Frank Gifford were married from 1986 till his death in 2015. Bruce Glikas / FilmMagic

Anvarious other item of advice? Remember just how crucial a sense of humor have the right to be. Jill rereferred to as Kathie Lee offering her similar advice while she was on the "partnership rollercoaster."

"Make sure you"re type to each various other and also you laugh a lot," Kathie Lee shelp. "You keep things in perspective. You have to. Laughter is excellent for the soul. ... The absence of it can dry up your bones. ... We"re supposed to acquire via everything in life basically with joy."



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