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“Fashion Nova’s $45 knockoff of Meghan’s wedding reception dress is nicer than the original, sorry Stella.” - Submitted by Anonymous


“Grace Kelly’s wedding dress looks itchy and suffocating. It’s beautiful but I wonder if she was comfortable on her one wedding day.” - Submitted by Anonymous


“Seeing Queen Elizabeth gaining excited over cows was the best point ever before. So relatable.” - Submitted by Anonymous


“I’m in a legislation college in India and also many of my fellow students absolutely love watching Suits. In reality, it was what influenced many of them to end up being lawyers in the initially area. I am no Meghan Markle fan, yet it’s caremuch less to discredit a item of her work-related that has clearly influenced so many young people.” - Submitted by Anonymous


“OTMAA were all so wonderful! I admire Olga’s honest nature, Tatiana’s courage and also dedication, Maria for her friendly and also gentle personality, Anastasia for her energic and also lively nature and also Aleksei for his knowledge, for his golden-heart and also for his love that provided it to the civilization.” - Submitted byromanovfairies

#grand duchess olga nikolaevna #Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna #Grand also Duchess Maria Nikolaevna #grand duchess anastasia nikolaevna #Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich #romanovfairies
“Although Prince Harry’s resided in palaces all his life, he’s still stayed in apartments/cotteras in those palaces so they aren’t as massive as you’d initially expect. Meghan’s resided in ‘normal’ homes all her life and even had a modest house whilst she was a millionaire up in Toronto filming suits. I uncover it bizarre that considering these points, they made a decision to have actually a 9 bedroom, 16 bathroom home with acres of land also plus a library, tennis court and so on once they moved to California” - Submitted by Anonymous

“I have actually a headcanon that William is incredibly financially illiteprice and more than likely would have been a failed bitcoin investor (or currently is). I don’t know just how to describe it, it’s simply a feeling I have actually lol.” - Submitted byzakharovasmarguerite

“I love being the just perboy that remembers Princess Nina from that skiing pilgrimage with Pierre Casiraghi in 2007, and exactly how the push called her Tina by mistake! I’m so happy for her and Philippos.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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“I wish Natasha Richardchild was still alive so that she can play princess Diana in a movie or TV show. She resembles Diana, specifically in the parent trap” - Submitted by Anonymous

“When I was younger I always provided to think Natasha Richardkid in the parent trap was Princess Diana!❤️” - Submitted by Anonymous

“I really think media portrayals are too type to Charles Brandon 1st Fight It Out Sufindividual. He was a real jerk even by Tudor criteria.” - Submitted by Anonymous