"Dancing With the Stars" organize Tom Bergeron said it best when tennis legend Martina Navratilova and also her pro companion, Tony Dovolani, came to be the first pair eliminated from seachild 14 on Tuesday: "Sorry, buddy."Sorry indeed. As many readers have actually complained around in our "DWTS" chats, Tony has actually been paired via quite a variety of underperformers who had bit opportunity of progressing far right into the competition.


Tony Dovolani with "Dancing With the Stars" seakid 10 partner Kate Gosselin.Kelsey Mcneal / ABC / nlinux.org
"Dancing With the Stars" hold Tom Bergeron shelp it ideal when tennis legfinish Martina Navratilova and her pro companion, Tony Dovolani, came to be the initially pair removed from season 14 on Tuesday: "Sorry, buddy."

Sorry indeed. As many type of readers have complained about in our "DWTS" chats, Tony has actually been paired through rather a number of underperformers who had actually bit possibility of proceeding much into the competition. And as Tuesday once aacquire proved, many kind of of these underperformers have actually come after seaboy 10, when the pro was paired through truth TV mommy Kate Gosselin, perhaps the dancer"s many difficult companion to date.

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On Friday, the pro hoofer, that has actually yet to win the coveted mirror ball trophy, shows up on Anderkid Cooper"s talk present "Anderson" using satellite to dish about the popular ballroom bash, and also he doesn"t shy amethod from talking about his experiences via the mommy of multiples.

"I constantly feel poor for you because you got stuck with Kate Gosselin," his host shelp. "I remember watching her dance. I"m still traumatized by that suffer."

"Wait, wait. Anderchild, did you just contact it a dance? We didn"t dance," the pro responded. 

Ouch! And below we thought the pro that has a seemingly unlimited amount of patience with his partners was one of the nicest and would never before sheight ill of a existing or previous celeb partner!

That wasn"t all Tony had to say around his suffer ... um, percreating with Kate.

The pro told Anderboy that after he and Kate finimelted in eighth area during seachild 10, he needed some expert assist. "Tright here was many therapy connected," Tony admitted via a chuckle.

For fans of the display who watched the seakid, that revelation might not come as a finish shock. After all, the pro came to be so frustrated throughout a rehearsal via Kate that he quit and also walked out of the dance studio.

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Tony and also Martina"s "Anderson" intercheck out airs Friday, March 30. Check AndersonCooper.com for local air times.

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