“I provide you paintings, sonic paints. You know, I have synesthesia. I have the right to view sound in front of me," Kanye said.

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On the second episode of "Late Night With Seth Meyers," Kanye West stopped by for a surprisingly calm interwatch followed by a not so surprisingly wild performance which connected the controversial rapper tossing stage equipment.

But before he treated the audience to a present, he sat down with Meyers and offered an interwatch equally as captivating.

When asked exactly how his strategy to fashion differs from music, Kanye shelp with a vacant stare, "Everything in the world is exactly the same."

"All ideal, good," Meyers said. "I do not think we"re done, however I"m gonna sign off."


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“I offer you paintings, sonic paints," Kanye ongoing."You recognize, I have synesthesia. I can see sound in front of me."

Kanye then compared himself to Michelangelo and also defined that he felt constrained by his celebrity condition.

Meyers likewise talked around Kanye"s daughter via fiancée Kim Kardashian, 7-month-old North West. The late night display hold asked if Kanye"s music will certainly end up being even more child friendly in the future.

"Are you the brand-new Wiggles?" Meyers joked.

"It would be like if you (asked) Quentin Tarantino, "You going to make G-rated movies?" It"s Quentin Tarantino!" Kanye shelp, insisting that cursing is vital for his music.

Meyers additionally replayed a sketch Kanye came up through the concept for and appeared in on Saturday Night Live in which the rapper interrupts award speeches, parodying his infamous Taylor Swift VMA occurrence.

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Finally, West ceded an electrical performance in front of pulsing strobe lights that had a medley of previous hits such as: "Stronger," "All of the Lights," "Heartless,"and "Babsence Skinhead."

At the end -- in true Kanye fashion -- the rapper threw the mic and also the mic stand also before exiting the stage.