You will certainly definitely watch “Friends in Low Places” in a different way after reading this story.

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In 2014, just days prior to Christmas, Justine Timberlake and also the enormous audience at his sold-out show at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville got the surpincrease of a lifetime.

“This is the country music funding of the civilization, right?” Timberlake asked the crowd as a means of arrival prior to he began strumming to the initially line to Garth Brooks’ mega-hit single, “Friends In Low Places.” As though to answer his question, the entirety audience introduced into the verse. They sang together with Timberlake and his enormous backup band — the Tenneswatch Kids — all the method until after a couple of verses, Timberlake sassist, “Something don’t feel appropriate.”

And then the Prince of Pop was all, “Garth?”

Brooks was then viewed walking onphase and also released into a duet with Timberlake – spending the following 6 minutes trading lyrics. The crowd definitely went wild via what they’ve simply experienced. When the 2 talented singers were done singing, Timberlake was so shocked and also overwhelmed through excitement that he collapsed – well, he playcompletely pretended to carry out so!

But that collaboration could not have actually taken place if Timberlake did not attend among the country icon’s concerts in St. Louis, Missouri.

“We’re in St. Louis, and Chuck comes, and he goes, ‘Justin Timberlake’s here,’ and I went, ‘Hahaha! Yeah, right!’ and also he goes, ‘No, dude. He’s here.’ My first question was, ‘Why?’” Brooks jokingly said. “So I concerned uncover out, he prospered up on our stuff. He’s appropriate over stage appropriate, and this kid’s singing every word, and also I’m like, ‘Holy cow!’”

Timberlake dropped by backstage after the show and also invited Brooks to involved his concert in Nashville. Though Brooks hesitated a bit, his wife Trisha Yearwood was all in. She told her husband also matter-of-factly, “We’re going to that concert.”

The Story Behind The Iconic Song

Written by songauthors Earl Bud Lee and also Dewayne Blackwell, “Friends in Low Places ” tells the tale of a cowboy who made an appearance at the engagement party or wedding reception of his old flame.

“’Cause I’ve acquired friends in low locations. Where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues ameans. And I’ll be okay. I’m not massive on social graces. Think I’ll slip on dvery own to the oasis. Oh, I’ve gained friends in low areas,” the song goes.

Lee when mutual in an intercheck out that he got the song’s title someday when he and also some fellow Nashville songwriters were having lunch at a restaurant called Tavern on the Row. When the check ultimately came, Lee realized he did not have any kind of money. He shelp not to concern bereason “I have actually friends in low areas. I recognize the prepare.”.

Blackwell automatically recognized that the line “friends in low places” had potential. However, the 2 songwriters didn’t act upon it automatically until some months later on. They began talking about the dormant “friends in low places” concept, and “at that incredibly minute, it all began to come together in a song,” Lee sassist.

And it turned out to be a crowd-pleaser! When it was released in 1990 as the lead single from Brook’s album No Fences, the song invested four weeks at No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs. It also won Single of the Year in both the Counattempt Music Association and also Academy of Counattempt Music Awards.

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Tune in and also watch Justin Timberlake percreate “Friends in Low Places” through none various other than Garth Brooks.