Fuzzy mittens and a crop top? Yes, that is the perfect outfit in this teenager winter wonderland also.

Jingle Ball, the annual tour that groups up via radio stations throughout the nation to carry together some of pop"s best names, quit by Madison Square Garden over the weekfinish to party through Z100 and also iHeartRadio.

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Acts making a splash this year like Daya and the Danish band Lukas Graham joined the likes of Ariana Grande and also Justin Bieber for a much-necessary dose of escapism.

Here are some of the show"s highlights.

The 5th Harmony takeover is just gaining stronger

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The band kicked off the display via a rush of girl power, and, fortunately, that wasn"t the last we saw of them. Camilla Cabello came back to sing "Bad Things" through Machine Gun Kelly and the totality group joined DNCE for a holiday sing-alengthy.

Cold Water, both times

With Diplo and Bieber on the bill, fans may have hoped that they would certainly perdevelop their Major Lazer teamwork together. But instead, the song was perdeveloped twice, reflecting its versatility.

MØ joined Diplo towards the end of his collection and percreated a haunting variation of the song sans Bieber. At the end of the night, he performed it solo, strumming an acoustic guitar.

DNCE gives the people what they desire. What they really, really desire.

DNCE has known how to job-related a room since day one. And even though they have a full-length album to job-related through now, they wisely functioned a couple covers right into their set to win over kids young and old -- "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls and "Fade" by Kanye West.

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Ohmygod, NIALL!

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The One Directioner is playing some of his very first solo gigs on the Jingle Ball tour, and lack has just made the hearts of his fans prosper fonder in the first year without 1D. In true Niall Horan fashion, he politely apologized for only having actually one song best currently, "This Tvery own," yet he swears even more is coming very shortly.

Queen Ariana

Ariana Grande, wearing fuzzy ear muffs that nearly swenabled her head entirety, came to conquer. Post-Hairspray Live, Grande is back to being the princess and bad bitch via jaw-dropping pipes. She took a minute from her energetic collection to slow things down a small via a medley from her holiday EP, Christmas and also Chill, prior to closing out with a reminder that her album Dangerous Womale has actually no shortage of bangers.

The Chainsmokers jumped so much

It"s not basic to take a time slot between Bieber and also Grande, however The Chainsmokers were absolutely the act to carry out it. They had no trouble riling up the crowd and also made Madichild Square Garden their very own residence party for a few minutes, shouting out all the youngsters from the suburbs who made it out to have actually an excellent time.

Biebs is figuring it out


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Singer Justin Bieber percreates at Z100's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball at Madiboy Square Garden on Friday, Dec. 9, 2016, in New York. (Picture by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Pop stars, especially via young fans, tend to recite some variation the same few lines around how a lot they love their loyal fan bases and also are living the dream bereason of them whenever they take the stage.

Bieber"s phase banter has actually taken a turn given that he first played to stadiums full of screaming Beliebers, and the ups and also downs are well documented, and also you could feeling a tiny stress in the air. You could tell Bieber kbrand-new world were waiting for him to screw up, however he was tright here to sing, not make sound bites. Biebs sang and danced through his recent Purpose hits and lugged out his acoustic guitar for "Cold Water" and "Love Yourself." "Let Me Love You," his current DJ Snake collaboration played well through the crowd -- the uplifting message is what they needed.

"I might go all night," Biebs told the crowd that appeared to think he was peacing out about 10 minutes prior to he actually sassist goodbye. Of course, that"s not true -- tright here are bed times and curfews to observe -- however allude made. Bieber"s sticking roughly.

The impromptu sing-along in the stairwell of Madiboy Square Garden

Leaving the venue, a bunch of adolescents made the ideal of the post-Bieber traffic in the building"s stairwells and began singing Mariah Carey"s "All I Want For Christmas Is You" as strangers joined in the holiday cheer.