Justin and also Hailey Bieber can not "hold" it together while cultivating his brand-new video - and also currently we can"t either. Too cute!

Hailey Beiber and Justin Beiber making funny faces walking on street
Need a laugh? Who does not lately! Justin Bieber wants to brighten your day - or as he put it, "provide comfort in this really uncomfortable time that we"re living in currently."

Hailey"s hubby is trying to spread tranquility and also love with the release of his brand-new song, "Hold On." In reality, he"s spreading some LOLs via footage from the intersee that comfort-related quote came from. Watch it below to view why:

Justin Can"t Keep It Together

Is he really holding on? Here"s Biebs gaining a enormous kick out of himself while fostering the video that dropped Friday.

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Justin says "something I choose to, to perform," provides a cheesy grin, and also then laughs right into his sleeve for a solid minute. Followers deserve to hear Mrs. Biebs in the background making fun of Justin"s words, and the pair store laughing about it long after the interviewer has relocated on.

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It"s so nice to see the "Lonely" singer just obtaining his life! And you need to admit: that smile is infectious. It could be even more to do with jetlag than anypoint else, though.

"I do not know male, I"m simply tryna, I do not know what"s happening man, I"m exhausted bro!" he describes in the footage, still smiling.

While fans and also celebrity friends commented cry-laughing emojis on Justin"s short article (we watch you, Diane Keaton) the full clip of what Justin actually said is worth listening to. It"s component of the livestream that was posted to YouTube, and also it makes more feeling than he could think.

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"So the record"s referred to as "Hold On"...I require you to hold on, heaven is a location not as well much ameans," Justin sings to himself. "This song is just basically like a hopeful record of simply holding on, because most us I think desire to offer up at times. We desire to let go and simply offer up, yet I think the message is simply basically to organize on, you know?"

He proceeds dropping pearls of wisdom best as much as his laugh strike moment:

"There"s a lot to look forward to, there"s a lot that we can"t manage, however tbelow is hope," he claims. "And holding on to that is something that I prefer to, to perform."

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