What actually happened: It was a one-time-only affair via a large explosion rigged to go off. But for some factor, it didn’t. Ledger never before breaking character, quit, provided the detonator a comical shake, tried the switch a couple of even more times, and the… bingo! The explosion went off and also cinematic background was made.

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Falling bottle -‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’

What need to have happened: Daniel Craig’sMikael Blomkvist crusading journo arrives at his cabin and grabs a have the right to of cat food from the height of his fridge.


What actually happened: Harrikid Ford was enduring from dysentery on the day of shooting, and was also sick to perdevelop his stunt. He said “shooting the sucker” to director Stalso Spielberg to save time and move on, and an iconic movie minute was born.

Cut hand – "Django Unchained’

What have to have happened: Leonardo DiCaprio’s menacing Calvin Candie confronts Django around his past connection through his slave Broomhilda. He raises his voice, slams approximately a little, all perfectly normal for a Tarantino film.


What actually happened: Craig dove right into the sea as instructed, however instead of “floating off”, he hit a sand financial institution. So he stood up instead of awkwardly swimming, and his Ursula Andress moment was complete, recorded on film forever before.

“I’m walking here!” - "Midnight Cowboy’

What have to have actually happened: Dustin Hoffmale and also Jon Voight’s drifters sindicate cross the road, and had actually timed their walk precisely to hit the crossing on a “walk” signal.


What actually happened: Director Stanley Kubrick struggled for days through this certain scene, till he asked Malcolm McDowell to improvise a song and dance for it. McDowell sang the just song he can think of - ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ - which functioned prompting Kubrick to snap up the song legal rights for $10,000 to usage it in the final film.

The sneeze – "Annie Hall’

What need to have happened: Allen’s character Alvy is passed a tray of cocaine at a party, with Annie urging him on to “try something new”.


What actually happened: After a day of filming, director Bryan Singer hadn’t completed a solitary take without the actors cracking up through laughter. A rogue farter is blamed on the DVD extras, yet the final outcome is so perfect we’re happy someone was enduring with flatulence that day, whoever it was.

"Why Male Models?” – ‘Zoolander’

What need to have happened: Zoolander tracks down former hand version JP Drewitt (David Duchovny) to describe the plot to him. “Why male models?” asks the dim-witted Zoolander, and Drewiit explains.


What actually happened: Norton lamps Pitt best on the ear, causing him to cuss and shout “You hit me in the ear!”. Director David Fincher had provoked Norton right into doing somepoint different in the scene, however had neglected to tell Pitt, hence the surprise.

Fat Brancarry out – "Apocalypse Now’

What should have happened: Francis Ford Coppola envisioned the wayward Colonel Kurtz as a “lean and also hungry warrior”, and also cast Marlon Brando that he had actually functioned via on ‘The Godfather’.

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What actually happened: Miranda Otto’s character measures onto the windy courtyard as planned, yet a wayward flag rips loose from its flag pole flying off right into the distance. A shrewd metaphor for Rohan’s vulnerable state, yet actually a complete fluke led to by a sloppy prop grasp.

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