I was just dying to get my hands on No Bed of Roses, Joan Fontaine’s autobiography. I loved her as the highly expressive “second Mrs. de Winter” in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca, and also she was lovely in Suspicion, also. The book has numerous pperiods of old photos. Here are some images (not from the book) of Joan Fontaine in Rebecca:




Fontaine opens No Bed of Roses via an advent in which she defines why she created her autobiography. She clintends many kind of world reported on her life and also career inaccurately in the media and that “someone had to collection the document straight.” Joan Fontaine was born Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland also on October 22, 1917. She changed her name to Fontaine, which was her step-father’s last name, bereason her sister Olithrough came to be a renowned actress initially and Hollyhardwood couldn’t have two de Havillands. Oliby means of and Joan were born 15 months apart, and Joan suggests theirs was a fierce rivalry. Of course, Joan felt that she was the victim throughout. When describing their distinctions, Fontaine refers to herself in the 3rd perkid. For example, “Obedient Joan currently walks in a long-term ballet fifth place, while defiant Olivia’s toes allude straight ahead.”

Sister Oliusing de Havilland

Throughout her life, Fontaine was married four times and had been involved many type of even more times. She basically had actually a fifth husband but didn’t put it on paper. Many type of of these marriages began months after initially meeting, and also I wondered why. Then, I realized Fontaine was criticized in the media or was endangered with losing custody of her daughter if she had actually a male in her house who wasn’t her husband. After golfing, Fontaine was asked “What’s your handicap?” to which she responded “Men.”

Fontaine had actually a worrisome childhood. Her step-father sent out her to college in handcuffs bereason she wouldn’t speak biting her nails. The exact same guy waburned her too intimately as soon as Fontaine’s mom was lacking for every one of 1924. When she was twenty, she ended up being acquainted via a a lot older actor on whom she’d had actually a crush as a girl. Fontaine’s mommy pumelted the partnership, letting Joan travel with him, though they continued to be in sepaprice rooms. One night, she clintends he “threw ago my bedcovers, and before I can protest, the dire deed was done. One might say I was surprised out of my virginity.”

As sister Olivia’s fame rose, Joan Fontaine was told to serve dinner to Olivia’s guests and then stay in her room. Both sisters were born in Japan, and as soon as Joan is sent out to her father, who still lived tright here, she clintends she was ignored tbelow also. Yet, her debate that her Japanese step-mom was destructive is far from convincing. It’s still the truth that a British family had children in Japan and also the mommy resituated to The golden state while the father remained in Japan that is tough. These such moments touched my heart and offered me an idea of why Fontaine seems to stumble via adulthood.

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I was mostly disappointed by No Bed of Roses. Fontaine appears removed from reality. When she was pregnant through her daughter, Fontaine and also her husband made a decision to remodel to create a nursery. Thus, her husband sent out her to live in a hotel suite for a couple of months. Fontaine complains that her mom had actually traveled ameans, her sister was through her husband, and Fontaine’s husband also was too busy via service meetings. Thus, she was left “alone to cope with room organization.” Imagine the many complicated part of your pregnancy is calling and also opening the door for room service.

Near the finish of the memoir, Fontaine has actually a recurring disease that avoids her from functioning. Meanwhile, she fights to win custody of her daughter in court, which leads to her running low on money. On the following page, Fontaine has landed a function in a play, been phelp, and also bought her latest husband a Thunderbird for Christmas. She’s displeased that he buys her a frying pan. Maybe he was more money aware, Joan? The autobiography is sprinkled through such frustrating moments that proccasion me from sympathizing through Fontaine when things are difficult.

However, the biggest flaw of No Bed of Roses is the name dropping, a lot of which left this reader skimming. We’re talking old actors. Fontaine was born in 1917, and also the majority of of her friends and co-employees were her age or older, so not really people I understand. Oddly, tbelow is little bit conversation of what it was choose working via certain directors or actors. My beloved Rebecca is a four-web page chapter! And in that chapter, Fontaine claims that Laurence Olivier wanted his fiance to play the second Mrs. de Winter, so he was a pill. Then, bereason the other actors — consisting of Gladys Cooper, Judith Anderboy, Nigel Bruce, and George Saunders — were older, they would certainly talk about the “good old days” and also leave out the twenty-one year old Joan. Mainly, in the “Rebecca” chapter, she complained about her co-stars and also then noted all the non-British human being in Hollylumber who were cliquey with the British Hollytimber people. The movie Suspicion, for which Fontaine earned an Academy Award, doesn’t even get a chapter.

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Cary Grant & Joan Fontaine in Suspicion

Joan Fontaine presents herself as a nervous woman that demands validation and also wants everyone to love her, and also the result is even more of a phone book of Hollywood’s elite. Most unprofessionally, Fontaine complains about human being by name, such as once she said Laurence Olivier’s fiance never cleaned her litter boxes, so the house stank. Fortunately, I had the ability to sepaprice Joan Fontaine from the second Mrs. de Winter and also shall keep my happy memories of the film and also leave Fontaine’s personality in the pages of this book — which I’m about to donate.