Because it aired on 5 November, seaboy 15 episode 18 of horror fantasy series Superherbal has actually brought about rather a stir. Aptly named “Despair”, it’s acquired fans in tears, and also uproar. Is Jensen Ackles homophobic?

Who is Jensen Ackles?

Born 1978, Jensen Ross Ackles is an Amerihave the right to actor best well-known for depicting Dean Winchester in the CW series Supernatural. Other stars on the show encompass Jared Padalecki, Lisa Berry and also Misha Collins. 

Ackles has actually English, Germale and Scottish family tree, but thrived up in Texas. He is well loved on Instagram, with over 8 million followers. Oh, and also he looks comfortable on a horse.

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Why are fans asking if he’s homophobic?

This specific fandom flurry has actually roots in a weekend Superorganic Con that took location in late February 2020 in New Jersey. 

First reported in Daily Dot, the Saturday morning saw a number of reports emerge of fans alleging that one of the organisers had actually refsupplied “ship-related” questions because Ackles was “uncomfortable” as soon as faced via the show’s Dean/Castiel “shippers”.

For anyone not acquainted with the lexsymbol of romantic TV fandom, “shipping” refers to the act of wanting or sustaining 2 personalities involved in a romantic connection.

Daily Dot defines Ackles’ character Dean as “dreamy… testosterone candy”. A Tumblr commentator composed, in a greatly annotated article, that “the fandom has actually pegged as a homosex-related, or at leastern bisexual”.

So, on the one hand also, some fans assume he is homosex-related. Then, some attendants of the New Jersey convention complained that “inquiries around the show’s notable homoerotic submessage were disallowed”.

It’s easy to watch why some fans can draw specific conclusions around Ackles’ stance on homosexuality.

Earlier speculation around Ackles and also homophobia

Speculation that actor Jensen Ackles can be homophobic goes ago even even more, to a scholarly short article publiburned in 2016 by Joseph Brennan, a lecturer in Media and also Communications at the University of Sydney.

For the item, Brennan conducted textual analysis on the show over a duration of salso years, from 2007 to 2014. He regards Ackles’ character Dean Winchester “in relation to a details hegemonic check out of masculinity and heterosexuality”. This is at odds, he says, through fans’ “homoerotic readings” of the display.

So, conflict around the TV star’s homophobia, or lack of it, was rife long prior to the New Jersey Con earlier this year.

Is Jensen Ackles homophobic?

Fans have involved his defence. Clintends of homophobia have been dismissed on the grounds that his aunt is homosexual – which he apparently doesn’t have actually a trouble through.

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Several Twitter individuals have concerned debunk claims that Jensen Ackles is homophobic.

Jensen Ackles is not a homophobe/biphobe/transphobe or anything world claim he is simply bereason he does not think Dean is bisex-related. Not shipping Destiel does not make someone a homophobe. It simply implies they do not check out it.A THREAD of him being being supportive of LGBTQA+ people: