Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Mbody organ are Hollylumber dopplegangers. Due to the fact that of their uncanny resemblance, Bardem was blamed for Morgan"s actions once.

People are frequently puzzled between the Oscar-winning Spanish star Javier Bardem and also his look-aprefer, American actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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Bardem also landed in debate as soon as once the media mistook him for Mbody organ and also called him out for Morgan’s actions. In a video uploaded on July 20, 2013on People’s YouTube channel, Mbody organ was asked which celebrity he was the majority of typically mistaken for. To this, Mbody organ spontaneously answered, “Javier Bardem.” The 2 certainly have an uncanny resemblance to each various other.
Their likeness brought around an obstacle for the Spanish star. Morgan shared a red carpet event in which he was mistaken for the Oscar-Winning Bardem.Apparently, during the red carpet occasion, the actor was addressed as Bardem by the Paparazzi. Mbody organ jokingly proved his middle finger to media outallows. The paparazzi, still mistaking Mbody organ for Bardem, put the blame on Bardem’s head.I obtain (mistaken for) Javier Bardem a lot. When he won his Oscar, I had just gained on Grey’s Anatomy about the exact same time. I went to a party here in New York, and as I was walking the red carpet, the paparazzi just started screaming, ‘Javier, Javier!’. And I flipped them off… I was trying to be funny, But the next day in the New York Daily News or whatever before, there was a photo of me flipping the camera off and it shelp, ‘Javier is a**hole!"Javier Bardem and also Jeffery Dean Morgan (Source: eonline) On the skilled front, both actors are fairly achieved and also are viewed depicting a selection of roles. 
The Hollytimber doppelgangers, yet, have actually had actually contrasting love resides.Bardem has been fortunate in the love department. The actor met the love of his life, Penélope Cruz, in 2007 and tied the knot in 2010. The couple has one child Leo Encinas Cruz and also one daughter Luna Encinas Cruz.

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On the various other hand, Morgan was married to his initially wife, Anya Longwell, from 1992 to 2003. He was involved to Mary Louise Parker from 2007 to 2008. From 2009, the actor began dating Hilarie Burton. 
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The couple has 2 children: a boy born in 2010 and also a daughter born in 2018. Morgan got married to Burton on October 5, 2019.