Meghan Keeney, Jack Nicholboy and Rylan Beebe left Warwick High School on Friday afternoon to celebprice Keeney’s 17th birthday.

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Moments after the auto transporting the 3 juniors pulled onto West Orange Street just external the school, police sassist a black Hyundai hatchback operated by Debra Slaymaker-Walker barreled right into a automobile, went airborne and also flipped in an eight-automobile crash.

The 3 friends given that elementary institution were in one of those cars.



Beebe, 17, continued to be in the intensive treatment unit at Lancaster General Hospital on Tuesday, according to his mommy Danica Beebe.

She shelp he is doing “and he deserve to be meant for this kind of brain injury.”

Slaymaker-Walker, 63, remained hospitalized and also is “unresponsive,” the Lancaster County district attorney"s office said Tuesday after releasing her name to the public.

Danica Beebe said her boy will certainly make it through, “but as much as the actual damage, we don’t know yet.”

She sassist he’s talking some and also has actually also check out a couple of cards, including he does not remember what happened.


Local News

DA releases name of 63-year-old woguy connected in crash that eliminated 2 Warwick High School students

He’s asked about Nicholchild, she shelp, who was his finest friend because kindergarten. And among the first points he sassist was, “I missed Meghan"s birthday.”

“It breaks my heart to know I have to tell him Jack and Meghan are gone from us,” Beebe shelp.

Danica Beebe

“I heard the sirens, and my stomach dropped. We hear sirens all the time. But for some reason, this one felt different.” 

‘Big waiting game’

Beebe sassist she was at her Lititz home Friday afternoon as soon as she heard sirens. She sassist she had actually talked on the phone via her kid a few minutes previously.

“I heard the sirens, and my stomach dropped. We hear sirens all the moment. But for some reason, this one felt various,” she said.

Beebe then acquired a contact from the institution district asking her to go to Lancaster General Hospital wbelow her kid was being taken. She’s been by his side as a lot as possible considering that.

“It’s a huge waiting game,” she said.

Beebe said she has actually talked to the households of Nicholboy and Keeney, and also Nicholson’s parents came to the hospital to check out her child Sunday.

“We"re planning to continue to be close to them. We think it’s important for both of their healing,” she said of her boy and Nicholson’s parents.

Outpouring of support

The support from the Warwick School District and also Lititz community has been “remarkable,” Beebe said.


Local News

At Lititz Halloween parade, a lot assistance of district mourning fatality of 2 students

“I tear up eexceptionally time thinking around ... what it’s going to expect to him in his long-term recovery physically and also with grief,” she said.

Her child was an energetic child, she said. He was on the bowling team at Warwick and played basketround through a Lititz league a couple of years ago. He had started discovering how to box with Nicholkid.

Beebe said she’s saving screenshots of social media posts in support of her boy.

“By the moment he gets out of the hospital and also rehab, most of it will be gone. I desire to be able to display him,” she sassist.


Full coverage: 2 Warwick High School students killed, 1 injured in crash brought about by "erratic" driver

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