Sheba journeyed across the desert with a caravan of riches, only to find the greatest treasure of them all—and so can you. When it comes to famous queens of the Bible, we know the good one, Queen Esther, and the bad one, Queen Jezebel. Now meet the wise one, the queen of Sheba, who traveled to Jerusalem to test the mind and heart of a king.   Her quest for wisdom will surprise you, challenge you, inspire you, change you. This wealthy royal from antiquity will show you how to live boldly, seek after truth, ask the right questions, encourage others, receive graciously, and honor the Lord above all.   Shedding new light on this ancient biblical role model, Liz Curtis Higgs unveils timeless wisdom for all who aspire to please the king of Kings. 

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Liz Curtis Higgs is the author of 26 books, with more than 3 million copies in print, including her best-selling nonfiction series, Bad Girls of the Bible, Really Bad Girls of the Bible, and Unveiling Mary Magdalene, and her Christy Award—winning historical novel, Whence Came a Prince. A columnist for Today’s Christian Woman and an accomplished speaker, Liz makes her home in Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband, Bill.

Editorial Reviews

Praise for It’s Good to Be Queen: “Liz Curtis Higgs does it again—a touching, beautiful look at one of the Bible’s most captivating women. This is a stunning blend of research, insight, and practical application that will challenge you and fill you with hope. You won’t see the queen of Sheba or yourself in the same way again. Highly recommended.” —Margaret Feinberg, author of Fight Back with Joy “Liz has the wonderful gift of making biblical history come to life. By the time I finished reading this fantastic book, I felt as if I knew the queen of Sheba. If you long to live, love, and finish well, you will treasure this book!” —Sheila Walsh, author of Five Minutes with Jesus “Liz Curtis Higgs continues to knit our hearts with spectacular women in the Bible. In this treasure of a book, you will be captivated with the story of the queen of Sheba and how her all-out search for wisdom led her to the One of all wisdom. Thank you, Liz, for leading us into the riches of God’s Word.” —Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times best-selling author of The Best Yes and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries “Liz is someone who can hug you around the neck and still manage to kick you in the behind at the same time—my favorite kind of human. Prepare to laugh and cry and change.” —Jennie Allen, visionary of IF:Gathering and author of Restless “Liz Curtis Higgs is an expert at breaking down a Bible story and bringing it to life. Then she reaches out her hand and invites us to join her, right in the midst of the story, as she reveals the riches hidden there. Settle in with her words. Open your heart to the story. Find yourself on a journey of transformation and grace.” —Deidra Riggs, author of Every Little Thing “An unparalleled feast of rich truth, direly needed wisdom, and the most divine servings of grace. Every page sparkles not only with wit and warmth but with Liz’s signature, unmatched insights. Liz is the comforting, courage-giving friend every woman prays for. There’s no voice like Liz’s. And there’s no woman who can afford to miss the epic wisdom of the queen of Sheba.” —Ann Voskamp, New York Times best-selling author of One Thousand Gifts and The Greatest Gift “In this stunning account of a woman that most people know very little about, Liz has masterfully (and responsibly) brought fresh insights to the story of the mysterious queen of Sheba. Her writing unites imagery and research in a seamless, spectacular way, and I learned many facts that breathed life into a few short passages of Scripture. I walked away from this book inspired to be more like the courageous, bold, wise, humble, and generous woman I met on the page. This might be Liz’s best work yet.” —Angie Smith, best-selling author of Chasing God and What Women Fear"Liz Curtis Higgs frequently writes on women’s issues. Here she tells the story of the Queen of Sheba. The Bible tells us little about this queen except for her visit to King Solomon in the first 13 verses of I Kings, chapter 10.  The queen is intrigued by Solomon’s reputation and wants many questions answered.Higgs mixes a bit of fiction with her nonfiction. As an introduction to her work, she pens a brief message signed “Sheba.” Concluding each of the first nine chapters is another short note from Sheba, which includes her comments on her situation as it is treated in the given chapter.

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In this manner, Higgs discusses each of the 13 verses phrase by phrase.It’s Good to be Queen, written in Higgs’ down-to-earth, informal style, is well annotated and includes interesting, thought-provoking questions for further study. It also includes comments about the implications of the verses and story for the reader’s life." —Congregational Libraries Today