For example, I wish to state that it"s been a long time considering that I offered or stupassed away, would certainly that be?

Hace muchos años que lo usé



Your translation is correct however "usé" sounds like if you were talking around an item.

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To better expush the idea around the knowledge of a language I think you have to usage verbs choose "estudiar" "hablar" o "practicar" i.e.

Hace muchos años que lo estudié, pero no lo he hablado en mucho tiempo. (It"s been years because I stupassed away it, yet I"ve not spoken it in a while)

Hace mucho tiempo que no lo hablo/practico. (It"s been a lengthy time since I spoke it)

You have the right to likewise readjust the order of the sentence :

Lo estudié/hablé hace mucho tiempo

Estudié español hace mucho tiempo.

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