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among the funniest things that I have actually ever check out (I’m pretty sure that it was in the NewsWeek Hamilton distinct magazine edition) is this intercheck out that Lin Manuel Miranda did to promote Hamilton. And he’s describing how he initially created the musical and he reveals that while he was composing the musical he was living in this NYC apartment complex. And his next door neighbour is deadass a straight descendant of Aaron Burr. Like, can you imagine.

You hear music coming from your neighbour’s apartment and also you ask them what they were doing last night and also they look you straight in the eyes and say that you were writing a two hour long musical about your good grandfather’s biggest fuckup. What a fucking power move holy SHIT,

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*sees a group of human being doing something stupid*

Washington: God, what fools

Washington: *realizes its the Hamilsquad*

Washington: Wait those are MY fools

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the private journal of aaron burr



Me after the weekend.


choose honestly what type of #relatable feelings FROM 1812


He bought a coconut in case any of you were wondering


Even more relatable


I looked up how much this would certainly be in today’s money and Burr invested over $40 on a coconut


just spent $40 #likeanass

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Alexander: what’s trfinishing appropriate now kids?

Philip: pain

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What the fuck is this


I’m crying-

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Has anyone believed that Hamilton’s letters, like this one to Eliza Schuyler:

But why carry out you not write to me oftener? It is aobtain an era given that I have heard from you. I create you at leastern three letters for your one, though I am immersed in public company and also you have actually nopoint to perform but to think of me. When I come to Albany, I shall discover implies to take satisfaction for your neglect.

And this one to John Laurens:

I acknowledge however one letter from you, because you left us, of the 14th of July which simply arrived in time to appease a violent dispute between my friendship and my pride. I have created you five or six letters because you left Philadelphia and also I must have created you more had you made appropriate rerotate. But favor a jealous lover, once I thought you slighted my caresses, my affection was alarmed and my vanity piqued.

Equivocates ever so slightly to this:


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eternal mood: anthony and daveed reacting to leslie singing


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currently, why would john shoot someone?

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Eliza: *to Phillip* In this house, we don’t say negative words.