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Wikipedia CC image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Have_a_nice_day#mediaviewer/File:Smile_have_a_nice_day_sign.jpg

Other languages, French, Gerguy, and also Spanish, for instance, have a lot even more graceful words than the English “Good-Bye” or “So long!”

Witness this song composed for English speakers about a renowned multi-lingual Austrian family:

In America, in the decade that followed The Sound of Music, a brand-new expression came into well-known parlance: “Have a nice day.”

I remember when the president of Eastern Mennonite College began finishing his chapel talks in the late 1960’s with that expression. I quite favored it. It appeared to personalize his magisterial existence in the pulpit.

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But then came the backlash. Social critics found it easy to bash the superficiality of what became the common end of a clerk-customer exchange in stores.

George Carlin ended up being famed for his anti- “Have a Nice Day” regime laced via four-letter words. Just Google his name and the phrase and you deserve to hear him.

Wikipedia has actually an amazingly comprehensive entry on this expression, including arguments pro and con.

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Why am I writing around this expression today?

This will be my last post in the seven-component series about A Good Day. I’ve chose on an action step based upon all this reflection and also conversation at the finish of 2014. I will look for means to usage this expression, “Have a GOOD day” once it seems proper. I further solve not to use the phrase flippantly, to look the various other perboy in the eye, and to make a actual Presence connection when I execute so.

I’d love your thoughts. What is your history with this phrase? Hate it? Use it sparingly. Love it? When you switch from “nice” to “good” what distinction does that make? Even if you don’t comment, I hope you have actually a GOOD day.