But what if my principle of living IS "dreaming"? I feel many alive as soon as I'm reading my publications, composing, listening to music, and fantasizing about points in basic.

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Doing those things won't earn you money (creating could if you're incredibly good) so you would be dwelling on desires and forgetting to live. Everything in moderation.

I don't think Dumbledore is talking so a lot on those sorts of desires. I think we can analyze it that means if we wish, however I do not think Dumbledore and I specifically do not think Rowling would certainly be informing human being to not follow our dreams of being writers or developers or whatever before we want to be. I think Dumbledore is informing Harry "your desire for your parents is (unfortunately) difficult, and you are currently forgaining to live because you miss out on them so badly. But despite that, you can't forget to live. You have the right to still miss out on them, but it is unhealthy once it prevents you from living".

That's one of my favourite quotes. Dumbledore isn't saying desires are poor, he's saying neglecting real life is. It's one thing to love Harry Potter, one more to fail your exams because you'd rather check out than revise.

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That is not what Dumbledore means by dreaming. In context, Dumbledore is talking around Harry dreaming after a household. But Harry will never before have the ability to have his family members ago and also so Dumbledore is saying "because this can never before take place, you are much better to keep living fairly than sitting below doing nothing and feeling sorry for yourself." It's such a little quote, however in context I think the implied definition is Harry can still miss out on his family members, dream about them and desire to talk to them, but when it starts impeding on him actually living a life, then it's time to try and gain some balance

Essentially, perform not stop analysis, writing, or listening to music. And particularly don't stop fantastizing. That's not what Dumbledore is saying. Those things add to your life, and also they are good points. But if all you ever before did was review and also your cat died and you shed your project and your mommy referred to as bereason your grandpa's dying and you really ought to finally visit him, but all you desire to perform is read and you stop caring about all these points in our life, then you're forgetting to live. Dumbledore is reminding Harry that as a lot as he desires of his family, he cannot forobtain to live.