The Crow: 15 Best Quotes From The Film The Crow has amassed a cult adhering to over the years because its release, and also here are 10 quotes from the film that"ll stick through us forever before.

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Besides the mesmerizing storylines, visuals, and bigger than life characters, there"s one more element of films that make them memorable. What"s a great film without quotes that continue to be through you lengthy after you finished watching the film?

The Crow is one of those films with plenty of significant quotes to decided from. The film obtained a cult complying with for its dark and brooding storyline of revenge and also shed love, as well as the tragic passing of Brandon Lee. The film delivers hard-hitting and also chilling lines once Eric Draven is resurrected from the dead, and the occasional sarcastic one. Let"s take a look at the ideal quotes to remember from the film.

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Updated on January first, 2021 by Scoot Allan: Alex Proyas" live-activity adaptation of James O"Barr"s The Crow emerged a cult complying with despite a low box office in theaters, both due to the success of the adaptation and the hunting performance of Brandon Lee that would certainly be his last following his accidental death during shooting. The movie features a number of amazingly quotable lines that perfectly capture the themes and emotions of the adaptation while creating a menacing and also sympathetic anti-hero in the form of Eric Draven. We"ve assembled a couple of more of the finest quotes to celebrate The Crow.

15 "People Once Believed That When Someone Dies, A Crow Carries Their Soul To The Land Of The Dead."

The Crow opens up with a voiceover from Eric"s young friend Sarah, explaining the mythology of the film easily and also succinctly through an old legend around fatality and also the immortality, though it doesn"t always job-related that means for the departed.

"But periodically, something so negative happens that a damaging sadness is lugged through it and the spirit can not remainder. Then occasionally, just periodically, the crow can carry that soul back to put the wrong points best."

The Crow featured a dark cast of characters that consisted of the gang that was responsible for the death of Eric Draven and Shelly Webster, which was comprised of members choose Tin-Tin, Skank, Funboy, and also T-Bird.

The gang operated for Top Dollar and were on a regular basis tasked with setting annual fires on Devil"s Night to throw the city of Detroit into chaos, which inspired their ritualistic chant of "Fire it up!" that they offered to celebrate and pump themselves up, which also highlighted the basic setting of the film"s criminal facet.

Eric Draven supplied his brand-new condition as a reborn angel of vengeance to produce an intimidating character to take his revenge via, utilizing challenge paint and a dark however poetic mindset, which he displayed perfectly once handling a pawn save owner that was associated with Tin-Tin.

Draven first knocked on the door and then damaged into the pawnshop, reciting lines from Edgar Allen Poe"s "The Raven" to the store owner and also creating among the ideal entrances in the film.

12 "Tell Them Eric Draven Sends His Regards."

While Eric Draven was brought earlier supernaturally on a mission for revenge by his crow, he didn"t simply want to take out the males who were responsible for killing himself and the woguy he loved, it was also important to him that they knew why.

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With each of his strikes on the gang members responsible, he made sure they were well conscious of why he was after them. When he interrogated the pawn save owner for indevelopment on the gang complying with the murder of Tin-Tin, he made sure he left a message for his prey -- "Death is coming for them. Tonight."

Eric Draven (Lee) goes after T-Bird (David Patrick Kelly) to look for revenge for his fiancé, Shelly (Sofia Shinas). He manages to kill T-Birdy in a horrific exploding auto accident. Later on, once the top-level criminal Top Dollar (Michael Wincott) learns of his fatality, he might care less.

Instead, he delivers this one line to the rest of the crew. The line is memorable for its witty and sarcastic method of breaking the news of someone"s death, and it has been sassist prior to in day-to-day occurrences—however it"s unlikely that fatality is the excuse.

10 "The Crow Is His Link Between The Land also Of The Living And The Realm Of The Dead"

When Top Dollar first learns about Eric Draven, he does not rather think that he is invincible and also brought earlier from the dead. His "sister" Myca (Bai Ling) is just as twisted and evil as Top Dollar. She explains the symbolism that often revolves approximately crows.

This scene likewise delivers an additional memorable line in response to the crow"s link to death and also Draven"s invincibility. Top Dollar responds via, "so kill the crow and also destroy the guy." It"s a line that provides a chill run dvery own your spine.

When Seargent Albrecht (Ernie Hudson) initially encounters Eric, he hasn"t pieced together who he is. Eric tries to help him remember the night he responded to a murder scene on Devil"s Night. Unable to remember, Eric asks him around Tin-Tin. Albrecht realizes he was the one that eliminated him.

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Eric didn"t kill him, he explains, "he passed away a year earlier once he touched her." He then delivers the memorable line. For Eric, the human being who took the love of his life amethod signed their fatality sentence from that moment on and are destined to die one means or an additional.

8 "I Thought I"d Use Your Front Door"

One of the even more dvery own to earth moments is when Eric visits Albrecht at his home to have actually a heartfelt chat. Eric learns the brutal fact of how his fiancé died and experienced her pain through Albrecht"s eyes.

Besides Eric being carried ago from the dead, he still feels pain and also a feeling of humankind. It also implies he deserve to usage the front door. Albrecht thinks he will certainly vanish right into thin air prefer a ghost, but Eric states he prefers the old fashion strategy in a sad witty one-liner.

Sarah (Rochelle Davis) has actually learned the fact about Eric"s resurrection from the dead. Draven and also Shelly supplied to take care of Sarah as her mom cared even more for drugs and alcohol. Because their death, she has no one to care for her other than Albrecht, that promised Shelly.

Having no one to go residence to, Sarah wanders the cemetery wbelow she finds Eric. She thinks Eric will certainly scold her, however Eric says it"s the safest area for her to be. No one will certainly injury her. Everyone"s currently dead, and the human being that loved Sarah are tright here.

6 "Childhood"s Over The Moment You Kcurrently You"re Gonna Die"

The Crow is all around grief, pain, and also the conversation around fatality. Top Dollar has a heartfelt minute right into who he is. While looking at the tombrock in the snowworld, he tells Myca that it was a gift from his father.

The snowworld isn"t a happy minute, but a reminder around the cruelty of life. His father described that your childhood is over as soon as you realize that you"re going to die at some point. The line sucks the air out of you and also makes you think around its ramifications of having actually to challenge the genuine human being and mortality.

You can not assist however feel Eric"s pain once he seeks his revenge versus Tin-Tin (Laurence Mason). Tin-Tin is the the majority of ruthmuch less of them all as he has actually no regard for what he did to Shelly that fateful night. Tin-Tin provides off a persona that he is invincible and no one can touch him, much much less Eric.

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But his knife skill proves useless as Eric gets the top hand also and also claims the line "Victims, aren"t we all." The line is memorable simply because it tells the truth that everyone falls at some point. No one is ever before much better or above and will certainly sooner or later loss from grace.

4 “Mother Is The Name For God On The Lips And Hearts Of All Children.”

There is an impactful scene in the film wbelow Eric confronts Sarah"s mom, Darla (Anna Levine). Eric and Shelly were nearly paleas to Sarah, seeing as Darla never before cared for her as a mother. When Eric is done via Funboy (Michael Massee), he makes Darla realize what she"s done to herself.

Eric quotes William Maketranquility Thackeray to Darla as he gets rid of the morphine from her body. The line is impactful as is suggests that mothers are eexceptionally child"s foundation and their whole people. Darla abandoned her daughter and also Sarah sought a mother figure in Shelly.

The Crow knows exactly how to tug at the heartstrings. By the finish of the film, Eric has actually avenged Shelly, and also his heart feels at peace. Eric and Shelly had a deep love for one one more and for Sarah. Eric is brought earlier because his soul remained in anguish for the women he loved.

Time to grab a tissue. By the finish, Eric is invited through open up arms by Shelly and Sarah realizes it"s time for him to lastly remainder and claims the line, "if the people we love are stolen from us, the method to have actually them live on is to never sheight loving them. Buildings burn, world die, but real love is forever." It offers off the message that the civilization we loved are never before truly gone.

2 “I Have Somepoint To Give You. I Don"t Want It Anyeven more. Thirty Hours Of Pain All At Once, All For You.”

When Draven finally reached his goal and also got a host of Top Dollar, he transferred all of Shelly"s hurt and also pain over the moment it took her to die right into the man responsible for her death, exacting the perfect revenge on his enemy while likewise enabling himself to finally let go and start to grieve appropriately.

It"s not just Eric Draven"s last act in a mission of revenge that he crawled out of the grave for, however it was likewise one of Brandon Lee"s a lot of passionately delivered lines in the film, additionally highlighting its prominence.

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Sarah realizes who Eric is when he claims this iconic line, but it"s even more than that. In the film, it always appears to be rainy and also gloomy. Despite the chaos and also evil that lurks all around them, Eric believes that tright here is always somepoint excellent to host on to.

It"s a leskid he taught Sarah. Regardless of the pain and also enduring Eric endured, tright here was a light at the finish of the tunnel that he will certainly go back to Shelly. It"s a brand-new meaning to the expression "after every storm, tbelow is a rainbow."