How did Karana die in Island also of the Blue Dolphins?

She died of dysentery within seven weeks of her arrival, and also was conditionally baptized Juana Maria at her death.

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How did Karana kill the seal?

She sneaks up behind the bull and readies her bow, yet the sea elephant gets up and also heads towards on of the cows belonging to another bull. Karana takes her shot, and also although the arrowhead flies right, it misses because the bull has changed direction.

What did Karana wear in Island of the Blue Dolphins?

In The Island also of Blue Dolphins, Karana’s sandals are made of sealskin, her clothes of braided yucca fibers, and her skirt from cormorant feathers.

How does Karana finally acquire the teeth?

Perhaps the fight in between the bull sea elephants will certainly achieve her job for her. Perhaps one sea elephant will certainly kill the various other, therefore permitting Karana to obtain a tooth for her spear.

How many type of dogs did Karana kill?


How does Rontu die?

Rontu gets struck by the devilfish. Rontu walks the cliffs via Karana. When the Aleuts go back to town, Rontu meets up through his previous owner, Tutok. Rontu dies.

What does Mon A Nee mean?

Karana names the otter Mon-a-nee, which means “Little Boy via Large Eyes.” Mon-a-nee is tough to save fed, but, and also after three days that Karana cannot feed him bereason the sea is too stormy to fish, she returns to the tide pool to find that he has actually gone earlier to the ocean.

How did Karana store track of time?

At some point, even the otters speak their migration, which is as soon as Karana knows that tright here are no otters left that remember the Aleuts. That exact same summer, Karana stops maintaining track of time as she commonly has by marking a pole next to her residence.

How did Karana obtain a brand-new dog after Rontu death?

How did Karana acquire a new dog after Rontu’s death? She put a mixture into the spring water to make the dogs go to sleep. Their ship had actually sunk in the storm, then their was no various other ship.

Wbelow does Rontu lastly die?

Where does Rontu finally die? He dies up on the cliffs wright here he loves to chase and also bark at gulls.

Why did Karana desire to kill sea elephants?

In chapter 13, Karana has actually gone to the cliffs to kill a bull sea elephant to make arrows from their teeth.

Why does Karana jump from the ship?

Why did Karana jump from the ship that carried her tribe? She noticed that the blue dolphins were no much longer complying with it. She witnessed her little brother running via his fishing spear alengthy the cliff. She can not bear to leave the location wbelow her father had actually passed away.

What does Ulape put on her face prior to she leaves the island?

Ulape. Karana’s fourteen-year-old sister, Ulape likes jewelry and also boys. Before she leaves the island also, she paints the sign on her challenge that menas she is unmarried.

What is Karana’s key name?

It’s after this time together that she tells Tutok her trick name: Karana (22.12).

Why did Karana no longer prefer living in the village?

Karana no much longer likes living in the village, because it haunts her with the memories of her loved ones and the devastating events that caused her isolation.

Why did Karana sleep on a high rock?

Why did Karana sleep on a high rock? She wanted to be way from the wild dogs and also to store food.

Why did Karana decide not to build her home near the sea elephants?

Karana does not construct her residence close to the sea elephants bereason they are incredibly noisy. The cows are “screaming and also barking via the entirety day and also occasionally at night” and she comments that even the babies are noisy.

Why does Karana think she need to not make weapons?

Karana thinks around the truth that womales making weapons is forbidden by her tribe. She goes looking around for weapons that have actually currently been made. Karana is came to via the wild dogs. They are part of a pack that roams the island also, having actually end up being wild after their owners died.

What retained Karana from being lonely?

Rontu retained karana from being lonely. What excellent discovery did karana and also Rontu make ? They found a sea cave wright here karana can hide the canoe and have actually it ready as soon as heeded.

What is karanas problem at the finish of Chapter 12?

What is Karana’s difficulty at the end of chapter 12? The island also has actually exceptionally solid wind; therefore, tbelow are not many kind of huge trees. She demands wood to construct her shelter.

Why does Karana hide her canoe?

The cave is exceptionally dark, and while navigating it, Karana wonders whether this is the kind of place wbelow the angry Tumaiyowit (a god of her peoples’ legend) had gone. Soon she discovers a rock ledge that would certainly be a perfect place to keep her canoe so that she can have it all set if she required to escape the Aleuts.

Why do you think Karana didn’t kill the wild dog when she had actually the chance?

Why didn’t Karana kill the leader of the wild dogs as soon as she had actually a chance? The dog remained on the ground; if he got up she may have actually swarm him. She wanted a friend. She felt sorry for him.

Why did Karana reduced the tips of the 2 birds wings?

Karana discovers 2 birds and their babies and sets around domesticating them. She puts them in a cage and keeps them as companions, and when they obtain too huge for the cage, she clips their wings so they will continue to be surrounding and also not fly ameans.

What did Karana and Tutok the Aleut girl carry out together?

Tutok is the young Aleutian girl who becomes friends with Karana when the Russian hunters go back to the island also a second time. Tutok becomes friends through Karana as soon as they exreadjust names and play games together throughout Tutok’s brief continue to be on the island. …

What was the gift the Aleut girl left for Karana?

When Karana returns, she knows someone has actually gone to her cave. She looks feartotally about, not daring to enter. All she finds, however, is a necklace of beautiful black rocks left at the entrance of the cave.

What did Karana take ago to her house after her encounter with the wild dogs?

On the third day Karana finds the gray dog, bacount alive. She prepares to shoot him yet discover she cannot; instead she carries him ago to her home, wbelow she clears the arrow in cleans his wound. She leaves him via some water and goes to gather food. When she returns, the dog is still alive and also has drunk the water.

What does won a PA lei mean?

Karana’s name for every day usage is Won-a-pa-lei, definition “the Girl with the Long Black Hair.”

What did Chief Chowig reason bad luck?

The problem was the Aleuts would certainly not pay their share. What resulted in a fight between the Aleuts and the villagers? The Aleuts were trying to leave without paying their component to the villagers. Chief Chowig told the Aleuts his trick name which carried him poor luck.

What does the Island of Blue Dolphins resemble in shape?

The Island also of the Blue Dolphins Its shape looks prefer a dolphin lying on its side, with its tail pointing to the eastern and its nose pointing to the west. It has actually rocky ledges and reefs alengthy the shore and a kelp bed encloses the island also from three sides.

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Is Land of the Blue Dolphins?

It is based upon the true story of Juana Maria, a Nicoleño Native Amerihave the right to left alone for 18 years on San Nicolas Island also throughout the 19th century. Island of the Blue Dolphins won the Newbery Medal in 1961….Island of the Blue Dolphins.