Sorry for asking homeoccupational, however this question is really confusing; I think the answer is some form of cousin, however I do not recognize if it"s initially, second, third, etc. and when removed, twice removed, and so on.

I have simplified and also rephrased the question below:

Your brvarious other has actually passed away and left his wife widowed. Your maternal aunt has actually additionally died and left her husband widowed. If the widow and also the widower marry and also have actually children then what is the relationship of those kids to you?

(The state of homework-related these days...)

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Brothers widow = Sister-in-law

Maternal aunt"s widow = Uncle

Uncle + Sister in Law.

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Usually your uncle"s children would be your 1st cousins, and your sister-in-law"s children would be your nieces or nephews.

My initial thought would be that those kids would technically be your initially cousin and niece/nephew.

If your sister-in-law re-marries, she would certainly no much longer be your sister-in-regulation and also rather would become an aunt I think.

However, the uncle is additionally an uncle by marital relationship so that also would be nullified by remarriage. So actually, I don"t think the children would be considered any kind of relation to you at all. Without a doubt not by blood.

I admit that"s something of a guess though, so happy to be proved wrong!

Also, here"s a handy chart...


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If your mom"s late sister"s husband also marries your late brother"s wife, then 2 human being with no blood relation to you are having actually kids. The technological answer is that those children are of no relation to you. They are not your cousins, nor your nieces and nephews.

I think perhaps "step-cousin" or "step-nephew" to attempt to pin it dvery own informally. You can likewise use "my previous sister-in-law"s kids" (clearly implying "i.e. not my brother"s kids"), in this instance the dad being farther rerelocated and also not pointed out. Following
tchrist"s lead, they possibly ought to describe you as you "Aunt/Uncle Name".

Since this was homejob-related, I wonder what your teacher thought the answer was.

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