Every time civilization talk around movies and tv mirrors, the same question pops up: “what’s your favorite TV present of all time?”

Some say the ideal names you’ve heard before: Friends, Sex and the City, Game of Thrones, Sopranos, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, etc.

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When people ask me, I tell them “it’s the OC”. But I simply can’t say it choose that. I need to explain it.

The OC was a TV display that ran on FOX between 2003 and also 2007, has actually four seasons, and brought about a sensation in Amerideserve to teens. Because, like its predecessor 90210, it had beautiful and well-off civilization that had actually drama in their life.

Even though I am European, I felt the impact because I was 12 and idolized the characters. Seth Cohen was funny, sarcastic, and the perfect boyfrifinish. Ryan was a problematic yet great boy that had actually the possibility to make a life for himself. Marissa Copper had actually the the majority of stylish clothing and Summer was cool. On the adult front, Sandy and also Kirsten Cohen were the a lot of perfect couple on earth.

The display still had actually an impact on the future of tv. It was a pioneer as it launched the principle that “tv mirrors around wealthy world not having simple lives”. Without “The OC” it wouldn’t have actually existed Desperate Housage Wifes, Gossip Girl (it’s from the exact same producer and also it’s basically the OC in New York), The Kardashian, even.


It had actually passed more than 15 years given that the display premiered on TV and also more than 5 years given that I last witnessed it. This third time roughly, I changed my views around each season

(if you didn’t watch the display sheight best below, I’ll give out significant spoilers)




In 2020, this is my see of each season of the show:

Seachild 1 was the perfect seachild. It ran for more than 24 episodes and also introduced us to many beloved characters. The storylines were around teenage romance, school bullying, bankruptcy, tfactor, psychological concerns, divorce. It wasn’t as dark as various other seasons but it was the start of the truth: well-off beautiful people additionally had troubles through money, drugs, alcohol. The only distinction is that they could afford their vices and also not acquire kicked out of school, residence, or finished up in jail. Ryan was the protagonist and we observed Newport Beach with his eyes. The major truth of every one of the display was said by Ryan in the pilot: “So, what perform you think of Newport?” — Marissa asks“I think I deserve to get in much less trouble wright here I’m from.”- Ryan replies. (Marissa says: “you have actually no idea”). This was the beginning of the rollercoaster of drama that the Cohen’s and also the Cooper’s would certainly live for the following few years.

The ending was even more substantial. Ryan left Newport, Seth was devaproclaimed and also sailed away leaving his paleas and also his infancy-crushed-turned-girlfrifinish and Marissa saw her boyfriend leave while moving right into the best mansion in the county when her mommy uncovered an additional husband also.

Seachild 2 was half good half negative. The major reason is that the two major couples — Marissa and also Ryan, Seth and also Summer — were apart for half the seakid. The idea is not new: bring brand-new love interests to present how they belengthy together. It was on Seachild 2 that we saw the dramatic stuff we weren’t all set for: gunshot, alcohol abuse, marriperiods falling acomponent, fatality, theft, sexual assault, lesbianism. The characters began to go around yet they ended together at the finish.

Seaboy 3 was the worst for a lot of people. Before we went on to seakid 3, I told my boyfrifinish this was the worst season of the display. I didn’t favor the personalities and also story arcs and also the big bomb. However, watching it in 2020 I acquired a various perspective. I favored the fact that the characters were seniors in high institution and also had actually grown a lot. The drama problems were not the exact same but even if they were, characters learned from their mistakes. This was the year they experienced exactly how their repetitive behavior was not making a change in their resides. Ryan observed that he constantly had actually devastating relationships bereason he chose girls he believed he needed to rescue. A great responsible girl came alengthy and also showed him he required to look for less toxic people (yes, favor Marissa). Seth and also Summer verified how a lot they loved each other and exactly how fearful they were of shedding each various other to adjust. Seth experienced his college desires shattered and also needed to adapt to a brand-new dream, bringing some personal growth pains. Sandy Cohen took over the Newport Group and also nearly turned to the dark side, through Kirsten being the brand-new voice of reason and the power mom.

Marissa was aobtain the main drama item of the show. New college, brand-new friend, a crush she turned down, a lost friend, and also her very own rotate to the dark side by dating a bad boy, skipping school, and also doing drugs.

It made sense Marissa's downfall, it was true to character. As Mischa Barton, the actress that played Marissa, sassist “the producers thought of Marissa being sent off into the suncollection via a possible rerotate in a later on seaboy. But I dealt with tooth and nail for that to not take place, because I simply don’t think that’s Marissa Cooper. I simply don’t think cruising off into the sunset’s the appropriate goodbye. She’s one of those burnout characters wbelow I don’t know just how a lot even more we can have done through her anymethod.”

Killing a major teenage character was shocking to the fans and also probably lowered, also more, the ratings. But it was the best point to perform for a character that had actually just 2 options: right up forever or comeback to vicious cycles of dependencies and also die somemeans.

In the end, Seaboy 4 was a beautiful accomplishment. It was short yet it made me desire even more. I missed the display even in the last episode and also I can’t wait to view it again. I loved Taylor Townsend's character, as she was a breath of fresh air. She’s not Marissa and also couldn’t fill up her shoes. So she produced her own area as Ryan’s love interemainder. Marissa was as well concentrated on her previous — Taylor is all optimistic and future. She’s smart, intellectual and also isn’t afrassist to stop her mind. It’s a large development in Ryan’s interaction problems. Summer grows to be a smart confident woguy that demands to take a trip the people and save the environment. Seth doesn’t gain left behind, embraces his new future in RISD, and also supports Summer. In the finish, the Cohen’s are surprised by Kirsten’s pregnancy, and also looking ago on how Newport treated Seth and also Ryan, they wonder if it is the ideal area to raise a child. An earthquake is a perfect excuse to deal with The OC dream: the home cannot be repaired so all the memories will certainly must be left behind. The happiest area on earth have to be the Berkeley residence, a place Seth, Sandy and also Kirsten give. Ryan will come to be eexceptionally weekfinish from the campus adjacent and also Seth finally had actually his dream of leaving Newport.

After watching it in 2020 I observed how much it affected me

This is a brief summary of how each seaboy touched me. But after watching I started to analyze my worths and dreams and also realized exactly how a lot the present affected me.

The ungenuine Californian way of life was genuine for me

Eexceptionally home I ever before observed I never forobtained the pool house. For that time it was a symbol of status. Ryan didn’t have actually a room, it had a house just for himself. And a huge one, probably bigger than many flats a Millennial pays nowadays. Also, he had actually a small pool house so he had the pool and the remainder of Cohen’s McMansion to himself.

But what I loved the most around it was the Newport Beach life, portraited by Seth Cohen. He had actually a cool residence, great room, video games, comics, and also books. Breakfast was bagels on a kitchen with a pool watch. He didn’t have actually a automobile yet he had actually a skateboard and also he would exercise on the peer looking at the beach. He might go to the diner and have actually pancakes or an ice-cream at the end of the afternoon watching the suncollection. At night, wait for Kirsten to order Thai food. By Saturday Night, The Baitshop was the place to go: a regional bar through all the good indie bands playing tbelow. If you wanted to get a little rough, you might always go to a pool party in some McMansion house, park your car, get drunk and also go ago the next day, via just a 30-minute drive.

Also, they were super close to LA and Las Vegas. And Mexico wasn’t out of choice. Summer holidays could be invested awide or through simply infinite warmth afternoons spent on the beach.

Even so, Seth hated Newport because world were all about boobs, bikinis, and celebrities. No politicians, no book readers, no art. It’s all about the beach and also the babes. Newport men are rich and also carriers of their families, frequently going to the gulf course. Womales are stay-at-house moms sfinishing their kids to exclusive institution and also enjoying their days on some spa of pilates class (they don’t cook either and constantly have a maid). Seth was an essential character bereason he made fun of this way of life. For me, the principle is simple: also if Newport Beach is obnoxious, if you are wealthy, it is an excellent living. Seth was smart so the living was both good and also entertaining.


It was vital that the show didn’t have social media

The a lot of curious thing around their lifestyle is just how much time teenagers would certainly spend in each various other homes. After exclusive school, they could hang out in someone’s place to study, kissing, or go to the pier and also gain a suntan. They provided most their cellphones for one purpose: “hey, what you’re doing? Okay I’ll accomplish you, provide me 20 minutes and I’ll be there”.

Being together was all around being together, not around taking selfies or post-Instagram Stories. They would certainly just talk, go to the movies, hang out playing video games. How lengthy have actually you done it through your friends?

I have done it a few times, going to someone else’s residence and also simply stay tbelow the afternoon talking and also watching somepoint on the telly. It’s refreshing however it is likewise excellent to be external. The OC reminded me of what was life prior to social media and also what teenagers' troubles were. During the quarantine, I realized exactly how good human call is and how unvital it is to share your life on the internet. Just hang out with your friends is the point, you don’t should take a selfie to prove it exactly how good it was.

Also, The OC provides us a glimpse of high institution social framework and also just how you can exit the popular civilization club. Luke was a jocker however lost his friends once he found his dad was gay and also having actually an affair through his lengthy organization companion. He even left Newport to start a brand-new life somewhere else. Of course, in 2020 this doesn’t suppose a point, yet in a small tvery own in 2003, it was a huge scandal. And that hasn’t changed much: if you shoot someone or fall in disgrace, high college will certainly judge you. However before, our protagonists acquired ahead by sticking together. After all, it is your friends that help you navigate today’s high institution and fight the virtual and offline bullies you might enrespond to.

The finest component of the OC was the music

Even if someone doesn’t remember the OC, it probably will certainly recognize its soundtrack and the beautiful songs that compose a scene.

The a lot of iconic have to be the finishing of season one, with a perfect Hallelujah chant while Ryan and Seth are leaving Newport Beach. It seems fate exactly how that song perfectly fits the pictures and also the storyline.

For me, songs in the show conveniently linked through moments. Seth and Summer have danced to Wonderwall in Seth’s room and to Fix You in Prom. They have actually additionally kissed in the rain through the aid of Champagne Supernova. As when it concerns endings, seakid 2 ends via Hide and Seek from Imogen Heap, and also seachild 3 ends with a Hallelujah cover.

The Californian music style have the right to be found in assorted bands and also I’ve grown to like them, just because they sounded choose The golden state. It has actually a deep influence on my musical tastes indeed.

Also, my link to the present comes from one band: The Killers.

I am a vast fan of the Killers and the Last Vegas band also appeared on the show in the “New Era” episode, (season 2, episode 4). Starting in seachild 2, producers really wanted to make the neighborhood bar The Bait Shop in a concert venue. More and more bands began to present up as it was an excellent platdevelop to rise sales and call the young audience of the present.

For me, it’s one of those rare shows wright here fact met fiction. Seth Cohen liked the Killers and so did I. Adam Brody was super right into Death Cab for Cubie and also so everyone that experienced the present felt that also. Pop society comments even made this connection more powerful — if you were a teenager like Seth he commented on what was happening. The present also had actually some meta comments, when characters “voiced” public opinions around the truth that Seaboy 2 wasn’t all that excellent.

The music and the sarcastic tone made me love the show and also my humor was influenced by it.

It made me cshed to my parents

The OC is a unique display to me because it flourished me cshed to my parental fees.

Many teens don’t feel cshed to their parental fees. You are founding to defy their affect and you discover your friends to be the role models to go after. This speculative phase additionally makes you distance from every little thing your parents reexisting. If your paleas favor a TV Sexactly how, you hate it strongly. And greatly your parental fees can’t understand also the books and also the music you consume. Therefore, teenagers and also parents generally don’t obtain to check out the exact same things.

However before I watched The OC and also my parental fees did it too, mainly because of Sandy and also Kirsten Cohen.

They were the major reason my paleas experienced The OC through me. My parental fees loved to view adults between them: Sandy, Kristen, Kimmy, July, Hailey, Caleb Nichol. They ran businesses together, court instances, golf, and also surfing sessions. They were a huge family members and gained right into trouble together. They enjoyed Sandy Cohen’s personality and values (that doesn’t?), they could relate to motherly protective Kirsten, they love to view a effective and arrogant businessguy choose Caleb Nichol and also they enjoyed Julie Cooper’s snake schemes and also effective confidence.

My paleas were also conscious of the contents I was exposed to. Drugs, alcohol, and also crime were part of the display so they realized that it might be a positive influence, by mirroring that abprovides can result in dangerous overdoses on exactly how essential it is to talk to your parents when you leave the house unnoticed. We obtained along on these moments and also we both kbrand-new this is not an example to follow even though Sandy Cohen constantly conserves the day — an additional thing parents must love, they feel like Sandy Cohen once they say to their children they will always be there for them.

So eexceptionally time I watch The OC I remembered the experience I had actually via my paleas and also I guard it as a family members display.


Can TV Shows really influence our lives?

I think they carry out yes, specifically as soon as you are a teenager. Sindicate because they are recommendations in your process of thriving up. Most adults might admit their teenage years were crazy and the majority of of us were stupid spoiled kids you offered their parental fees a difficult time, as you execute. However, we have the right to recount how great moments we had actually as soon as we were adolescents bereason we had actually fewer duties and also even more freedom to think excellent of the people.

The OC is component of that era, an era wright here I can dream what my adult life would be without having actually duties to provide for myself or someone else. The present was part of my endure thriving up and also so I rechecked out it through nostalgia.

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Also, TV Shows have the right to be an escape from fact. With financial crises, low salaries, higher leas, and also pandemics going on, watching TV have the right to be an exercise to uncover a better picture than truth. I witnessed the present aacquire in 2020 and I didn’t feel favor a teenager anymore. But I felt like I can take a few hours a day to relive a life I never before lived but I wish I did, also though I don’t want to be a teenager aobtain.

One last assumed concerns mind. Eincredibly time I need a safe area in my head, or I require a happy moment favor summer feeling, I tell myself:

We’ve been on the runDriving in the sunLooking out for number oneThe golden state right here we comeRight earlier wbelow we began fromCaliforniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHere we come!