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"Is That a Personal Attack?" is a phrase said by Amerihave the right to actress Brie Larboy during a WIRED Interview on YouTube. The clip mirrors Brie Larkid making use of the expression after being asked a question throughout the intersee and also giving a seemingly hostile response. The still of Larkid saying the expression has been used as a reactivity picture via captions describing humorously un-hostile instances.


On March sixth 2019, WIRED uploaded an intersee of Brie Larson asking her the "web"s a lot of searched questions." After the question "does Brie Larkid workout?" appeared on the display, Brie, seeming perplexed, looked at the cam and also sassist, "Like, hypothetically would I, at some point? Is that, prefer, a personal assault or something?" (displayed below).


Over the adhering to days, the clip obtained notoriety among anti-fans of the Captain Marvel film, acquiring 100 points on /r/MGTOW.<1> The YouTube comment area exploded through comedic takes on the quote, taking the forms of the Protec Attacc meme and Infinity War memes (presented below).


On March 21st, Redditor TheCommunist_Scholar posted the photo in reference to The Great Subscriber War, acquiring over 1,100 points (shown below, left).<2> On March 1ninth, Facebook team Voter Apathy Party made a write-up making fun of Buzzfeed, gaining over 140 reactions.<3>




<1> /r/MGTOW – Brie Larkid personally assaulted by looking at her most googled inquiries.

<2> Reddit – Invest In This Solid Meme

<3> Facebook – Voter Apathy Party

Matrix 4 refers to yet unnamed the fourth installment in the Matrix movie franchise, announced on August 20th, 2019. The film will be directed by Lana Wachowski and also will watch Keanu Reeves and also Carrie-Anne Moss repincreasing their duties as Neo and also Trinity.

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