It’s time to hit the beach and take a dive into the ocean. Butshould you open your eyes when you’re underwater, or will the water hurtyou?

Whenyou open your eyes in the ocean, you may feel a sting. However, it’snot because you’re being injured. The salt in the water is drying your eyes out.

Thewater in the ocean has a higher salt content than your eyes, salinedrops, or even your tears. As a result, they draw the water from youreyes, drying them out and creating that stinging sensation.

Justbecause the salt is safe doesn’t mean the ocean is completely harmless.The water could still contain bacteria that could cause an infection,and sand or other irritants could cause a pterygium to develop.

Youreyes should be fine if you spend a small amount of time in the water.If you’ll be in the ocean for a while, though, a set of goggles shouldkeep you safe.

Ifyou need an eye exam, come to Our eye doctors will make sureyour eyes are as healthy as possible so you can enjoy your day out atthe beach.

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Contact lenses can be a great way to correct your vision without worrying about losing or breaking your glasses. However, they come with their own set of precautions that you should take, especially if you want to maintain your eye health.

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Despite being a common condition, there a lot of myths surrounding pink eye. When dealing with this type of eye infection, it’s important to know what’s fact and what’s fiction.


Dr. Miles is an optometrist with expertise in specialty contact lenses including scleral lenses and pediatric eye lenses.

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