It’s time to hit the beach and also take a dive into the ocean. Butneed to you open your eyes once you’re underwater, or will the water hurtyou?

Whenyou open up your eyes in the sea, you may feel a sting. However before, it’snot bereason you’re being injured. The salt in the water is drying your eyes out.

Thewater in the sea has a greater salt content than your eyes, salinedrops, or even your tears. As an outcome, they attract the water from youreyes, drying them out and creating that stinging sensation.

Justbereason the salt is safe doesn’t intend the sea is entirely harmmuch less.The water might still contain bacteria that can cause an infection,and sand or other irritants might reason a pterygium to build.

Youreyes must be fine if you spfinish a small amount of time in the water.If you’ll be in the ocean for a while, though, a set of goggles shouldkeep you safe.

Ifyou require an eye exam, come to Our eye doctors will make sureyour eyes are as healthy and balanced as feasible so you deserve to reap your day out atthe beach.

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Contact lenses have the right to be a good means to correct your vision without worrying around losing or breaking your glasses. However, they come via their own set of precautions that you have to take, specifically if you want to keep your eye health and wellness.

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Despite being a widespread condition, tbelow most myths neighboring pink eye. When taking care of this type of eye infection, it’s crucial to recognize what’s truth and what’s fiction.


Dr. Miles is an optometrist with expertise in specialty call lenses including scleral lenses and pediatric eye lenses.

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