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Immoving to the U.S. have the right to involve filling in dozens of complicated creates. It’s easy to obtain blended up through all the different terminology being provided.

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One of the a lot of widespread confusions arises as soon as it comes to figuring out the distinction between nationality and country of residence. These ideas relate to where you’re from, however your answer could vary relying on the context of the question being asked.

It can obtain specifically frustrating if you’re an immiprovide applying for irreversible residency in the U.S. and you’ve constantly been on the move between nations.

To make this tiny component of your application much easier, we explain the difference between nationality and also country of residence (and also how to distinguish in between the 2 as soon as filing your green card application***) below.

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Defining Counattempt of Residence

What specifically does your “nation of residence” mean? Your nation of residence is the nation where you are granted permission to live permanently. You also should have lived tbelow for the majority of the last 12 months for it to be considered your true country of residence.

This does not include nations you might have saw in in between, either for organization, leicertain, or visiting family members on a short-term basis.

Difference in between Country of Residence and Nationality

While your nation of residence and also nationality sound favor they refer to the very same location, they actually intend two various points. However, they can both have actually the exact same answer if you happen to live and job-related in the country of your birth or naturalization.

Country of Residence

Your nation of residence isn’t necessarily the exact same as the country you have a passport for. Especially if you’re living and also working in one more country on a visa or have long-term residency there.

If you’re living in a country that’s different from the nation of your passport and also you’re in the procedure of applying for a visa or permanent residency tright here, the nation you are applying in would certainly also be thought about your country of residence.

In the UNITED STATE for example, this could be the instance if you are a green card applicant or green cardholder. Or also if you are an H1B visa applicant or an H1B visa holder for instance.


Your nationality would be your country of origin and would certainly generally be reflected by the country of your passport. You are a citizen of this country and loss under its jurisdiction and also defense on an global level.

You deserve to have dual nationality if you have naturalized*** in a different country after living there for a certain amount of time. Although not all nations permit dual citizenship.

What’s the difference?

If you only have residency in a nation wbelow you job-related, it implies you aren’t eligible for a passport of that nation and the benefits that might come with it.

For instance, as a resident in a European Union (EU) nation (i.e. the EU nation is your country of residence however you’re not a citizen), you may have the ability to relocate about to other EU nations for a visit. But you will just be allowed to live in your country of residence.

If you are an EU national (or citizen) via an EU passport, however, you would be able to occupational and also live in any EU nation as a result of the benefits of your citizenship.

Basically, your nationality determines which country’s passport you travel with and also are protected by. This is pertained to your citizenship. Your nation of residence deserve to be the exact same as your nationality if you live in that same nation. But if you have actually a visa or permit that gives you the best to live permanently in a country outside of your country of beginning, that nation will certainly then be your country of residence.

Does a visa from one more nation impact your Counattempt of Residence?

The short answer is no. Your nation of residence is mostly affected by exactly how long you would continue to be somewhere on a visa. Your nation of residence is thought about to be the location wbelow you live at leastern more than half of a year. The reality that you have a visa for a country doesn’t instantly make that nation your nation of residence if you don’t stay tright here for long.

If you are a irreversible resident of the U.S., however you’re out of the nation for much longer than a year you can shed your long-term residency. Returning to the UNITED STATE have the right to be complicated also if you’ve just been gone for six months.

So simply gaining a visa from another country doesn’t affect your country of residence unmuch less you continue to be there the longest in a year.

Country of Residence and also Form I-485

The U.S. immigration Form I-485 is component of the procedure to register for permanent residence or to readjust condition in America.

This deserve to be done either with a task sell, asylee standing, refugee standing, or through household that are already living in the U.S.

One of the sections in the Form I-485 will certainly ask you to fill in your or a relative’s nation of residence. The immigration officials require this indevelopment to determine wright here you’re presently living for communication functions. They also need to check out if tbelow are any kind of special considerations or country laws that can affect your application.

Be sure to fill in the country wbelow you are physically residing on a long-term basis at the moment of submitting the create. This could incredibly well be the UNITED STATE itself, and also not the nation of your passport.

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Understanding the terminology of immigration processes is important for smooth residency applications. Part of this is knowledge what your nation of residence is. We live in a globalized human being and it’s crucial to understand just how to differentiate between wbelow you’re from and wright here you’ve made a house.