It was the ideal of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of individualism, it was the age of collectivism. It was the date of individual success, it was the epoch of unearned entitlement. This describes the schism between two Sanders: "Colonel" Harland also Sanders of KFC, and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

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At his core, the Colonel was an entrepreneur. Working because childhood, he arisen a very strong occupational ethic. The Colonel was over 60 years old before, in 1952, he sold his first franchise of what would come to be "Kentucky Fried Chicken." He achieved this by personally driving from restaurant to restaurant, cooking for the administration. And if they chosen his recipes, he negotiated franchise civil liberties.

His tough job-related passist off, and in 1962, he sold a lot of of his agency interemainder for $2 million, (over $15,000,000 today). Perhaps owing to his infamous stubbornness, Colonel Sanders did not merely retire comfortably, he continued to act as spokesmale and make surpincrease inspections to KFC franchises, never before afraid to openly criticize any kind of procedure he felt was sub-typical.


At his core, Senator Bernie Sanders is a career politician. The Senator is possibly best recognized as a "democratic socialist" that claims to advocate for a "Nordic" style of governance. Never before mind that Nordic nations have no nationwide minimum wage, lower corpoprice taxes than the U.S., and also solid complimentary trade policies—all things the Senator opposes. Since 1971, the Senator has been in one public office or one more. And although he held a couple of private work before his political career, it isn't clear the Senator knows anypoint around the easiest economic values.

For instance, the Senator has actually said “You don’t necessarily require an option of 23 underarm spray deodorants, when youngsters are hungry in this nation.” Of course, anyone that knows anything around economics knows that the number of deodorant brands on the sector has nothing to carry out through hungry children. It is a complete non sequitur.

Conversely, the Senator has likewise complained to the FCC that cable bills were "also high" as an outcome of not enough competition, apparently ignorant of the assorted federal government regulations that make competition incredibly costly. So according to the Sanders, too many options bring about hungry children, however too few options cause unaffordable solutions.

What is the ideal "Goldilocks" number of competitors? If the federal government shuts dvery own, say, ten deodorant brands, just how many type of children will certainly be fed as a result? The Senator won't say. He won't bereason he can't. He can't because he has never managed a cable provider, or owned a deodorant manufacturing facility, or created a restaurant empire. Yet, the Senator believes that he is uniquely qualified to regulate a market in which he neither participates nor understands. But the Senator does understand also at least one thing extremely well, and also that is one have the right to constantly gather many kind of zealous followers so long as one uses populist rhetoric.


On one hand, we have a late wide range creator, a trader, a negotiator, an entrepreneur. One who readily available a product that the average perboy was complimentary to purchase or not. On the other hand, we have a spender of other people's money, a trade restrictor. One who believes wealth creators are "greedy," and whose policies are mandatory.

Given the choice, which Sanders earns your vote of confidence? I vote for the male in the white suit and babsence string tie.

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Kevin Schooler is a visual results artist, who has actually functioned in over a dozen nations on feature movies, broadcast, video games and also live events.