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By Terri Schwartz
It's been a stormy year for Floki. After his faith in the gods was tested by the defeat in Paris, invalidating his murder of Athelstan, his ideal friend and also king, Ragnar, puniburned him by Viking water torture in a cave for an indefinite period of days.

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When he lastly was released, Gustaf Skarsgard's character found himself doing not have purpose in the people -- that is, till he visited see the Seer. In a surpclimbing rotate of occasions, the Seer licked Floki's hand also, bestowing a of respect ago on the troubled Viking.

Gustaf Skarsgard as Floki on Vikings

"At that allude, Floki's a broken male," Skarsgard defined to in the time of a visit to Vikings' Ireland collection. "He lost his ideal friend, he was chained up by him, he was hunted down and also tortured by his best frifinish, and also then for some factor that he can't really fathom he was collection free. So in this moment of time he's just a broken, damaged heart, and also in that time he goes to view the spirit for the first time, and also then the Seer totally rejuvenates him in one means. He acknowledges him and all his struggling.
"Floki's gone on his route and what he assumed was appropriate, and also this is type of an acknowledgment of that. I likewise think it plays well into his dualistic self-image of divinity or worthlessness, and also this definitely plays on the first."Even though he is still on the outs with Ragnar, this acknowledgment from the Seer is sufficient to reinvigorate him after the battles he's withstood. Floki's spirituality has constantly been integral to his character, and Skarsgard finds it crucial to see the gods through Floki's eyes once knowledge his story.

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"Floki's constantly been incredibly spiritual. This is his fact. He believes in the presence of the gods and their power and various other creatures too. For him, this is his truth. It's not his belief, it's not something that's various," he sassist. "In our civilization today, you believe in the civilization and also then you believe in God as a separate point, yet for him it's extremely factual. This is his fact."Showrunner Michael Hirst attracted the impetus for Floki's torture arc from the actual life Viking stories of the gods."He's going mad, and also that relates, choose many of the things in the script, to a genuine event in the sagas where the God Loki was imprisoned in a cave bereason he killed Odin's boy. In that situation it was a serpent that was over his head that was dripping poiboy onto him," Hirst said. "It's wonderfully staged, and Gustav literally starved himself so that he looks cadaverous in the cave. It's exceptionally, exceptionally powerful."
Vikings airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on History.Terri Schwartz is Entertainment Editor at Follow her on Twitter at