The company"s office is to the north of London. The company"s office is in the north of London. The company"s office is north of London.

As much as Grammar is concerned, I think every one of them are valid. To display this, I simply quote from the dictionaries:

"The Yorkshire Dales are twenty miles to the north of the city.""tright here will be hefty wintry showers, specifically in the north.""the town is twenty-five miles north of Newport."

Would you please me what is the difference between these sentences?


To the north of X and also north of X indicates that it lies beyond X on its north side (or "above" X on a map oriented via North up). Some would certainly infer that something which is "to the north of X" is not incredibly distant from or reasonably close to X, whereas a place "north of X" could be rather much from X.

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In the north of X suggests that it lies in the northern part of X.

Edinburgh is north of Manchester.

Dundee is to the north of Edinburgh.

Durham is in the north of England.


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What's the distinction in definition in between "in the north of the city" and "in the north in the city"?

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