I’ve never quite construed why some Gerguy words have actually tz, considering that the t doesn’t seem to administer any aid in pronunciation as the sound it represents is currently had in z.

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My current expocertain is as a result of street names in Berlin, i.e. Tauentzienstraße, Schieritzstraße, Gubitzstraße. In the first, the t is component of ent and also the z is part of zien, so I realize that may be because of the separate syllables. But that doesn’t apply to the various other examples.

Other examples: schnitzen, Platz, Katze, setzen, letzt, Schatz.


Tz shows that the coming before vowel is short; z doesn’t (though this might still be the case for various other reasons). Many other consonants are doubled in such a situation; z is various for historic factors, and rather of zz we write tz. The exact same thing happens to k and also ß: We create ck rather of kk and also ss instead of ßß.

This is § 3 of the official spelling rules:

Für k und z gilt eine besondere Regelung. (1) Statt kk schreibt guy ck. (2) Statt zz schreibt male tz.



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