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"Gigolo" is a song by Amerideserve to rapper Nick Cannon. It was released in October 2003 as the 3rd single from his self-titled dehowever studio album Nick Cannon. It features R. Kelly. The single peaked at number nine on the Hot Rap Tracks chart, and number twenty-four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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Intro - R. Kelly + (Nick Cannon)>Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (Oh, uh, haha)Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (Kels!)(We in the club singing this for money, ha!)I"m a gigolo, spfinishing lot"s a doughYou have the right to tell the method wide-body, sitting on voguesAnd just how I"m shining, wit the fresh, fresh clothesAlways surrounded, by so many (HO!)I"m a gigolo, always on the goEverytime I rotate approximately, I acquired one more showIn the club, hit around three in a rowDrop in the Six, "cause I love them (HO!)Shorty I, only obtained one night in town, tell me baby wbelow you downBushes we won"t beat roughly, bushes we just eat "em nowFeeling yo Masqueno blousage, seven jean, Black and LebaneseHead to her knees, please if you ever before require a bachelor remember meJust rock to the melody, I obtained you in bed wit meI believed you would never leaveYou desire to name meLike A-merieKcurrently the chain freeze wrist be the exact same degreesTryna obtain lil" mami, in that thang of reeseOnly gaining in for totally free, if you came wit meCausage I"ma grown man, not B2KIf I need a girlfrifinish, it will not be to-dayNo, I"m NOT tryna be ya male, pimp bones in my bodyRock them body-hotty, rock them, favor ladi-dadiMe and also Kels on ducati"s, want to check out you drop it shawtyOh weee, tryna leave the club, wit a groupieMa I"m busy on tour, ma, you busy on the floorMa I"m feeling yo heels, them Christian Dior"sI"m choose David Beckham, keep a suppose shoe gameBut choose my favorite records, store spinning them thangsLet my hair flourish, cause I was looking for a changeShorty speak to me the Streatment Crow, I"m trying to find some brainIn "The Wiz", tright here it go, here it is, wright here the showCause via yo dress, I deserve to see yo drawlsSo shorty simply shake it, make a round of applauseIf you outta Hypnotic, "nvarious other round at the barAnd as soon as we parking lot pimping, they bordering the carNo, I"m NOT tryna be ya man, pimp bones in my bodyRock them body-hotty, rock them, like ladi-dadiMe and Kels on ducatis, desire to check out you drop it shawtyOh weee, tryna leave the clubWit a groupie, wit a groupieMami, as soon as we leave the club, leave wit usYou don"t require ya auto tricks, we gon" fair in the busAnd the means you wear ya jeans, is suggests to cussSo DAMN!, just how you acquire them on, DAMN! huge keys on herThrowago chick, hotter than Ms. Vic DamoneThis the form of ... I"m on, not picking up the phoneUnless you unblock ya joint, then put on ya coatKnow when to hit, as soon as Nick get in the boothCome via in somepoint new, wit the invisible roofOh the settings on my necklace them invisible too...When we perform what we execute, we can not be visible booThe last point I require is lawsuits, all I did is call youInitiated initially move, shorty that was all youI"m NOT tryna be ya man, pimp bones in my bodyRock them body-hotty, rock them, prefer ladi-dadiMe and Kels on the cotty, desire to view you drop it shawty, oh weee

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Nick Cannon Nicholas Scott "Nick" Cannon (born October 8, 1980) is an Amerihave the right to actor, comedian, rapper, and also radio/television personality. On tv, Cannon started as a teenager on All That before going on to hold The Nick Cannon Show, Wild "N Out, and also America"s Got Talent. He acted in the films Drumline, Love Don"t Cost a Thing, and Roll Bounce. As a rapper, he released his debut self-titled album in 2003 through the hit single "Gigolo", a teamwork through singer R. Kelly. In 2006, Cannon taped singles "Dime Piece" and also "My Wife" for a planned album Steras, which was never before released. Cannon married Amerideserve to R&B/pop singer Mariah Carey on April 30, 2008. more »