A series is sassist to be convergent if it philosophies some limit(D"Angelo and also West 2000, p.259).

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Formally, the infinite series

is convergent if the sequence of partial sums


is convergent. Conversely, a series is divergent if the sequence of partial sums is divergent. If

and also
are convergent series, then
and also
are convergent. If
, then
both converge or both diverge. Convergence and divergence are unimpacted by deleting a finite number of terms from the start of a collection. Constant terms in the denominator of a sequence have the right to commonly be deleted without affecting convergence. All but the greatest power terms in polynomials can generally be deleted in both numerator and also denominator of a collection without affecting convergence.

If the series developed by taking the absolute values of its terms converges (in which instance it is said to be absolutely convergent), then the original series converges.

Conditions for convergence of a series have the right to be figured out in the nlinux.org Language making use of SumConvergence.

The series




both diverge by the integral test, although the latter calls for a googolplex number of terms before the partial sums exceed 10 (Zwillinger 1996, p.39). In comparison, the sums



(Baxley 1992; Braden 1992; Zwillinger 1996, p.39; Kreminski 1997; OEIS A115563)and



(OEIS A118582; Mathar 2009) converge by the integral test, although the last converges so gradually that

terms are necessary to obtain two-digit accuracy (Zwillinger 1996, p.39). Both can be summed making use of the Euler-Maclaurin integration formulas.

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