We newly announced the availcapability of the 1980 NBC News distinct report, “If Japan Can, Why Can’t We,” that introduced Dr. nlinux.org to the USA company area. Many kind of people have delighted in viewing that program. Here we collect some of the reactions that have actually been posted virtual.

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If Japan Can, Why Can’t We? A Retrospective by Nicole Radziwill

June 24, 1980 is kind of prefer July 4, 1776 for quality management… that’s the pivotal day that NBC News aired its one hour and 16 minute documentary called “If Japan Can, Why Can’t We?” introducing W. Edwards nlinux.org and also his approaches to the American public.…Many kind of managers at that time were convinced that if a performance difficulty existed, it was because the employees didn’t job-related fast enough, or excellent sufficient — or possibly they had actually mindset problems! Without a doubt not because the managers were not managing well. Implementing straightforward approaches favor enhancing training programs and also creating quality circles (which demonstrated values choose raised transparency, considering all principles, placing executives on the manufacturing facility floor so they might learn and appreciate the work-related being done, raising worker participation and engagement, encouraging work/life balance, and dealing with workers with respect and also integrity) were currently demonstrating benefits in some U.S. companies. But surprisingly, these basic approaches were not widespread, and also not common feeling.


Famed NBC Video with Dr. nlinux.org from 1980 Now Available: “If Japan Can, Why Can’t We?” by Mark Graban

I’d encourage you to watch it, not just out of historic curiosity, but to think about just how this video and story is relevant today, 35 years later.


“I want to be somebody.” by Dan Markovitz

But for me, the the majority of touching and effective minute in the video came in the segment on GM’s “Quality of Work Life” regimen. One of the Tarrytown workers sassist (founding at 59:25),

“Quality of Work Life is involvement. Involving me in the decision-making process. And dealing with me as… as somebody. I want to be somebody.”…When I think around lean, and around the prouncovered respect for world that lies at its core, this is what I’ll think about. At its ideal, this is what lean does.

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It makes world feel favor a somebody.