THE BIG BANG THEORY had actually so many type of memorable moments and also who might forgain Howard’s (played by Simon Helberg) adorable song If I Didn’t Have You, likewise well-known as Bernadette’s Song. But that actually wrote the song?


Who created If I Didn"t Have You in The Big Bang Theory? (Image: CBS)


Actress Kate Micucci as Lucy, who Bernadette"s Tune. (Image: CBS)

After carelessly taking care of a racnlinux.orgon virus, Bernadette Rostenkowski (Melissa Rauch) is quarantined and also unable to make their dinner reservation.

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But not wanting her to miss out on out on the surpclimb, they all go to her and also percreate the song in the middle of the isolation ward via Bernadette looking teary eyed via the home window.

With Howard sat at his key-board and the rest of the gang swaying in the background, it’s certainly among the cutest moments of the whole present.

However, actor Helberg was not actually the cast member that wrote the song.


Actress Riki Lindhouse who played Romana Bernadette"s Song. (Image: CBS)


If I Don"t Have You sung to Bernadette at the isolation ward. (Image: CBS)

In fact, this song is written by the musical nlinux.orgmedy duo Garfunkel and also Oates.

One fifty percent of the duo is Kate Micucci, that plays Raj’s nervous ex-girlfriend Lucy in seachild 6 and as soon as in seachild salso.

Ramona Nowitzki, the woman obsessed through Sheldon and practically ruined his relationship through Amy as soon as she kissed him in seachild 10 additionally had a hand also in the tune.

The actress who plays Romana, Riki Lindhouse, is the various other half of Garfunkel and also Oates.


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Speaking to The Hollytimber Reporter, Micucci sassist showrunner Steve Molaro asked the pair if they nlinux.orguld nlinux.orgmpose the song and also they were able to end up nlinux.orgmposing it in one week.

She said: “It appeared our music/nlinux.orgmedic sensibility lined up with the display. Also, both Riki and I are huge fans of the show and also have both been on it, so we were excited to write a song that was funny however additionally had actually many heart.

“We were on set every day. It was so interesting to watch Simon and also the actors sing it. Simon is such an remarkable actor and musician; he never before faibrought about bring us to tears.

“On the day of the live taping there was only one take. Simon nailed it.”

As well as exceptionally touching, there are plenty of intricacies and nerdy referrals to make fans think Howard nlinux.orgmposed it.

From Doctor Who, Steve Jobs and also exponential equations, to the Avengers, isotopes and a verse sung in Klingon, Bernadette’s Track is filcaused the brim through references.

The tune additionally has a memorable chorus of exactly how Howard would still be living with his mum if it wasn’t for Bernadette.

The Big Bang Theory is available to stream on Netflix UK currently.

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