if every little thing happens that can not be done Introduction

Though it might be tempting, we don"t recommfinish reflecting this 1944 poem to your English teacher as proof that all those wacky punctuation and also capitalization errors she corrects in your records were actually a-okay. Unless, of course, the assignment you"re debating is a poem.

"if whatever happens that can not be done," like many various other poems by E.E. Cummings, breaks simply about eincredibly rules tright here is in the English language, however it breaks them for a factor. No, Cummings"s transition vital is not broken, and no, his spacebar isn"t damaged either. He writes incorrectly (at least as your English teacher would specify it) totally and also completely on objective.

It"s Cummings"s expedition of the elasticity of the English language, consisting of what he does through capitalization, punctuation, and also beyond, that makes poems favor "if every little thing happens that can"t be done" so magical. It is, plainly, fun to check out, and also for more reasons than one.

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Part of what makes this one fun, in addition to its style, is its topic matter. This poem is about rejoicing in love, nature, and youth. But it"s likewise about what have the right to and can"t be sassist in the English language, and twisting that language to attempt to say what can not be shelp, despite the reality that it can"t be shelp in the first location. Phew. That"s a whirlwind of impossibility right tright here, and the poem, as its title suggests, is all around the impossible arising, in brilliant ways.

"if everything happens that can not be done," well, then we"ll just need to go alengthy for the ride and revel in the joys of impossibility.

What is if everything happens that can not be done About and also Why Should I Care?

We hope he won"t mind our saying it. The speaker appears, well, speechless in this poem. Sure, he"s utilizing all kinds of words, however those words have their limits, and it"s those borders that Cummings is emphasizing. The speaker tells us, "birds sing sweeter / than publications / have the right to tell," definition that some points in this world just can not be explained by mere words in a book. However, he"ll store trying. He really desires to explain the feeling of oneness he finds in life and also love. Perhaps, he argues, this can"t be done. But the poem is, remember, around everything that can"t be done happening.

In reality, our speaker is asking something similar of us as we review. If you"re intimidated by the lack of grammar and also simple logic of this poem, simply remember that we"re currently in a human being where nothing is difficult. If we deserve to let go of the logic of books and fact when we check out this poem, we"re in for a completely brand-new and also completely wonderful logic – in which impossibility itself is possible.

Try this: clear your mind of everything you"ve learned in a book, and let yourself imagine a civilization in which every little thing difficult has actually all of a sudden happened. Pigs are flying, fish are walking approximately on the street, children are offering lessons to their teachers, the girl or boy you believed would never favor you unexpectedly smiles at you, and also money is thriving on trees. Sounds pretty good, right? So go ahead, dive in.

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