Imagine if the bloods and the crips all got alengthy

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Kendrick Lamar - m.A.A.d City nlinux.orgIf Pirus and Crips all acquired along They"d more than likely gun me dvery own by the end of this song Seem choose the entirety city go against me Eextremely time I"m in the street, I hear— YAWK! YAWK! YAWK! Wake yo" punk-ass up! It ain"t nothin" however a Compton thang G-yeah, actual easy and simple Let me teach you some lessons about the street (Smoke somethin ...
KENDRICK LAMAR - M.A.A.D CITY nlinux.orgIf Pirus and Crips all got alengthy They"d more than likely gun me down by the end of this song Seem prefer the totality city go versus me Every time I"m in the street I hear "YACK! YACK! YACK!---(static) Wake yo punk ass up! It ain"t nothin but a Compton thang Chyea Real straightforward and plain I"mma teach you some lessons about the street
KENDRICK LAMAR FEAT. MC EIHT - M.A.A.D CITY nlinux.orgIf Pirus and also Crips all obtained alengthy They"d more than likely gun me dvery own by the finish of this song Seem choose the whole city go versus me Eexceptionally time I"m i. Popular Song Billboard Hot 100. Upcoming Recently Added. Top of 2011. Top of 2010. Top of 2009. More » ...
Kendrick Lamar - M.A.A.D City nlinux.orgKendrick Lamar M.A.A.D City M.A.A.D City percreated by Kendrick Lamar: If Pirus and Crips all obtained along They"d more than likely gun me down by the finish of this song Seem favor the entirety city go against me Every time I"m in the street I hear
Empire Cast - Chasing The Sky nlinux.orgIf Bloods and Crips have the right to reconcile, why can not we? I guess I"m ratchet choose my mama and my papa I"m chasing the skies and also I ain"t talking "bout the vodka, let"s fly Far from a perfect guy The fights and also the lies, I guess you"ll never understand A mommy and also father that wanted for you much more than
Noreaga - 40 Island nlinux.orgCrips and Bloods all along with the KINGS as well, company as generally, a bunch of criminals typical shit is important, on a through a nigga rippin" you a everyday routine, jail talk is pitiful not for every individual I WENT and also I wont go back niggaz mad reason I keep a stack and also do not PUMP CRACK nigga, word up. Rikers Island also, Rikers Island
Babsence Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love? nlinux.orgPeople livin" prefer they ain"t acquired no mamas I think the totality world"s addicted to the drama Only attracted to the points that"ll bring the trauma Overseas, yeah, we tryin" to stop terrorism But we still gained terrorists right here livin" In the USA, the big CIA The Bloods and The Crips and the KKK But if you only have actually love for your very own race
Lil" Kim - How Many Licks? nlinux.orgKim got your dick difficult, startin fights in the yard Hotter than a Pop Tart fresh out of the toaster Niggaz execute anypoint for a Lil" Kim poster Eses, Bloods, Crips, all the thugs Up North in the hole, they all wanna recognize How many kind of licks does it take till you acquire to the center of the? (Tell me, ha)
Sisqo - How Many type of Licks? nlinux.orgAnd imagine your tongue in in between my thighs Open up Lick it up Cell block eight Albest nigga that"s enough Soptimal look and listen Get earlier to your position Kim got your dick difficult Start fights in the yard (Uh) Hotter than a Pop-Tart fresh outta the toaster Niggas carry out anything for a Lil Kim poster Eses, Bloods, Crips all the thugs
Notorious B.I.G. - The World is Filled... ...The people is filled through pimps and hoes. We"ll just talk around those I knows. The civilization is mine, can"t you see? I"m just tryin" to be all I can be. Oh, yeah. Now initially come the cash, then come the ass. Then come substantial blunts via significant chunks of hash. When I score through a whore, she be game for certain. Pimp so hard a nigga drag his mink on the floor.
Imagine Dragons - No Time For Toxic People ...Do-do-do-do, no time for that (I-I-I"ve got) Do-do-do-perform, no time for toxic world I-I-I, I-I-I"ve acquired no time for toxic people Move alengthy, move along, move alengthy, go Let me go to the clouds listed below "Causage they"re calling me up to higher ground What a teacup sound, even mighty drown, oh Take a look exterior, it"s a beautiful day, yeah
Nas - N.Y. State Of Mind Pt. II nlinux.orgGot your quiet niggas, that resituated down South Comin" earlier to floss, then you obtained the jealous loudmouths All of a sudden we gained Crips and Bloods, D.T."s Runnin" round quick to split your mug, it"s straightforward To score yet it"s tough to obtain the shit off Niggas fightin" over hundred sales, jump in the car and also drive off
Snoop Dogg - Since I"m Black nlinux.orgMore power, more management - unifying Bloods and also Crips I supplied to smoke a load a day, I provided to need to pack a K Now I"ve obtained brothers in suits in my faculty Pushin" tranquility in the streets - North, West, South and also East Student of the game, yeah it"s time to make a change So I"m following, no more swine swallowin"
THE GAME - CALI BOYZ nlinux.orgAll my fallen soldiers remainder in peace Alengthy wit 2Pac, Mausberg and also Eazy-E Esstates, Bloods, Crips and all the thugs And all my killa cali niggaz remain offered it up uh Yeah if I left you out guy holla at me My negative it"s all love
Atmosphere - If I Was Santa Claus nlinux.orgJust trying to discover myself and also my function. And if I was Santa Claus, I"d fight for the reason. Wouldn"t mean nothing in return. I"d offer you every little thing you want, I"d be every little thing you require. And you deserve to take my hand also and I have the right to take the lead <2x> I gained nothing however presents. Keep it up in my wits.
Blog post Malone - Circles nlinux.orgIt"s only me, let it go. Seasons change and our love went cold. Feed the flame "reason we can not let go. Run away, but we"re running in circles. Run amethod, run amethod. I dare you to perform something. I"m waiting on you again, so I don"t take the blame. Run ameans, yet we"re running in circles. Run amethod, run away, run amethod.
Nas - Stillmatic (The Intro) nlinux.orgY"all gained tbelow but y"all ain"t acquire it all, I desire my style back Hate to cease y"all plan it"s the rap–repo male To them double up hustlers, bidders, niggas that actual Professional stick-up children dreamin" for mils Let my words guide you, acquire inside you From Crips to Pirus, this is survival Blood of a slave, heart of a king Blood of a servant, heart ...
Dave East & Styles P - Shout Out My Hood nlinux.orgWe"re family. Shout out my crips that still crippin, nigga. Shout out my bloods that still bloodin", nigga. Straight out the dirt, shout out my muddy niggas. Came from the bottom, all my gain money niggas. Wanna die, you ain"t obtained to cry, you just got to pray. Placed some weed wright here I lay, I"ma view one more day.
¡MAYDAY & Murs! - Spiked Punch nlinux.orgY"all boys want a solitary I"m the catalog I"m like New Year shots and doughnuts in the parking lot And great pot once my music drop And even if I ever before wanted to, I"d never before sheight Hold up motherfucker, someone spiked the motts We got Bloods and Crips in the parking lot Somebody talking also a lot so he could get shot
Drake - God"s Plan nlinux.orgHope I acquired some brothers that outlive me They gon" tell the story, shit was various via me God"s setup, God"s arrangement I organize earlier, periodically I won"t, yuh I feel excellent, sometimes I do not, ayy, do not I finessed down Weston Roadway, ayy, "nessed Might go down a G.O.D., yeah, wait I go tough on Southside G, yeah, wait I make sure that north-side eat
Rucka Rucka Ali - Crips And Bloods nlinux.orgBloods don"t acquire in addition to Crips (along with Crips) They need to be thinking around uniting Let"s be friends! (Yeah) And I"ll be wearing red kicks, with blue tube socks Bloods and also Crips, Should all sit down, And talk their troubles out (There"s pizza!) Crips and also Bloods obtain alengthy (Crips and also Bloods must acquire along) just drop the firearms, And play ...
Fishbone - Party With Saddam nlinux.orgCan ya imagine Arnie partying with Tookie Smoking and also drinking till they lose their cookies Crips are cousins, Bloods are brothers Family have the right to love one an additional We"re gonna party via Pinochet He gonna sing the karaoke We"re gonna party with Mobutu He"s a lindy hopping dancing fool Party through Condaleeza Rice, currently She favor to shake it all night y"all
The Video Game - Cali Boyz nlinux.orgI gained niggaz from San Diego all the way to the Bay E-40, Dre, Tash, Ras Kass ... All my fallen soldiers remainder in tranquility Alengthy wit 2Pac, Mausberg and Eazy-E Esstates, Bloods, Crips and also all the thugs And all my killa cali niggaz stay given it up uh Yeah if I left you out man holla at me, my poor it"s all love
THE GAME - L.A.X. FILES nlinux.orgWe gained mountains and also ocean We relocate in slow-moving activity Off that sticky you walk up to blow I swear ain"t nothin" much better tbelow That"s why we all take our hats off to you The one Blood Come to my hood, hood Look at my block, block That"s that project buildin" Yeah, that"s where I gained shot, shot "Cause I was more hood than Suge Had even more rocks than Jay
Too $hort - Funk Session nlinux.orgY"all remember that shit as soon as I shelp, I said ah America, Get busy Humpty yeah The red the white the blue and also the blue and red for crips and also bloods The white for whose gained you doing time We busting caps on one an additional and also it never stops You understand it never stops But you understand, that Shock"s been in search of someone Who have the right to climb choose Malcom and also ...
Xzibit - Chamber Music nlinux.orgRead my lips, we obtained troubles prefer Bloods and Crips Love the sound of clips once I know my shit Chamber Music, this is for the ones through stone-confront That capture you at the best time in the wrong place We unsafe, One-fifty-one through no chase and also no ice Take away your life like 3 strikes Yeah, come on, Chamber Music
Bloods & Crips - Shuda Beena B-Dog nlinux.orgDogs acquired paws and also fag Crabs gained clegislations Picture no B-Dog niggas choose bitches And I"m that Dog that buries Crabs in the ditches Cover "em up and flex back to my dogresidence The hog rock bottoms wright here the M gang hang out nigga Nick nack paddy whack offer a Crab a bone Don"t give a shit "bout a funeral house Yeah I simply love it as soon as an E-Ricket falls ...
Joyner Lucas - Opposites Attract nlinux.orgHerbivores, all the battles All the facts, hieroglyphics High blood push, heart feeling heart attacks And call the cab, walk the block Mouth shut, you talk a lot Open field, vehicle garage Unemployment, morning jobs Kill the youth, multiply Keep it genuine, falsify Make a mess, organize Fake my death, all the moment Now put your motherfucking hands up high
The Beatles nlinux.orgI"ve Got A Feeling The Beatles: I"ve Just Seen A Face The Beatles: If I Fell The Beatles: If I Needed Someone The Beatles: If You Love Me, Baby The Beatles feat. Tony Sheridan: If You"ve Got Trouble The Beatles: Imagine The Beatles: In My Life The Beatles: In My Life George Martin feat. The Beatles: In Spite Of All The Danger The Beatles: India ...
QUEENSRYCHE - "Frequency Unknown" (2013) albumThe blood, the blood, the blood, the blood The blood is on your… You’ll soptimal of what I’ve done The blood is on your… The blood, the blood, the blood, the blood No one’s innocent They speak to me a madmale The blood, the blood, the blood, the blood Your hands… it’s on your hands No one’s innocent No one’s innocent Innocent
The Game - Bang nlinux.orgIn the ago via a sack, Cadillac all black Like this and favor that Bang, damaged prefer glass and plastic Bang out on him via the mask and plastic We obtained access to huge plastiques Purchased last week, D.P.G.C. Bang You obtained them funny ass colors on, take it off If you in the club through ice on we takin" off
Dolly Parton nlinux.orgDolly Parton Sings, My Favorite Songwriter, Porter Wagoner (1972) Lonely Comin" Down Do You Hear The Robins Sing What Ain"t To Be, Just Might Happen The Bird That Never Flew Comes And Goes Washday Blues When I Sing For Him Oh, He"s Everywbelow
Joyner Lucas - Opposites Attract nlinux.orgHol" on Tell your daughter put some clothing on Tell your kid put his coat on Tell my father pull his skirt dvery own He ain"t did shit for me in so lengthy Fuck your opinion nigga I"m grown They don"t choose the shit that I"m on Can"t accept the fact that I"m grown Just accept the reality that I"m on Ain"t no evil practice in below I gained Jesus all in my ...
Spice 1 - Lucky I"m Rappin" nlinux.orgRich rollin", as soon as you see me stall All crips don"t C-Walk and also that"s G talk Throw up the phone, rap that lug your city with the mud I"m tossin" up seeds in a city full of bloods And it still crip and die and my alais is Mad Guy Any record label put your money up and also simply die I"m sherned out in my boxers, chokes on the edge I do not rid ...

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SYKOSIS - "Drowning In Silence" (2017) albumBut I"m still breathing. You turned your ago. Now I"m all alone. Can you hear me. We"ve pertained to our crossroadways. "Cause you betrayed me. Eextremely grin hiding behind a false collection of teeth slithering through the grass. You"re the snake in search of its following attack. The cries behind your lies prefer hands roughly my neck.

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