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Dion and the Belmonts were one of the quintnecessary doo wop teams in this initially era of rock and also roll. They hailed from the Bronx in New York City. Group members were Dion DiMucci, Carlo Mastrangelo, Fred Milano, and Angelo D’Aleo. They dubbed themselves The Belmonts bereason the members either lived on or near Belmont Avenue in the Bronx. The song “I Wonder Why” was written by Melvin Fair and Ricarexecute Weeks and also initially taped by Dion and The Belmonts for Laurie Records in 1958. The lyrics are among the classic doo wop love songs, through a line such as “Don’t know why I love you prefer I do” summing up many type of an suffer of joyous yet baffling love at any kind of age. This was the group’s initially national hit, rising to #22 on the U.S. Pop Singles Chart in 1958. They likewise showed up on Amerihave the right to Bandstand, which offered them national exposure. One of the distinctive attributes of this doo wop classical is from Carlo Mastrangelo signing the bass part in a sort of Morse Code rhythm. (They additionally have a repetitive usage of “wop, wop, wop, wop, wop.” This is component of the feature of doo wop music that offers of nonfeeling syllables. For the youth from Belmont Avenue, it likewise was to proclaim proudly their Italian heritage by tossing back — via fervor and delight — the pejorative slur W.O.P. The precise origin of the term is uncertain, but it is occasionally attributed to being a reference to Italian immigrants who involved Ellis Island in New York “without papers.”)

The song “I Wonder Why” has been featured in the films A Bronx Story and John Carpenter’s adaption of Stephen King’s Christine. Nicolas Cage sang the song in Peggy Sue Got Married. It has likewise been supplied in the pilot episode of TV series The Sopranos. The British group Shawaddywaddy, which sings songs from the 1950s and also 1960s, had a hit via “I Wonder Why,” taking it to #2 on the U.K. Single Chart.

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Dion and also The Belmonts went on to have significant hits through “A Teenager in Love” and “Wbelow or When.” In 1960,though, they went their separate methods. Dion went to a hospital to attend to his heroin addiction. He also was more interested in rock and roll than pursuing pop criteria. He then had actually hits via “Runapproximately Sue,” “The Wanderer,” and “Ruby Baby.” He was often backed up by the group The Del-Satins. The Belmonts continued percreating for many years. Dion went beyond being a music legfinish and explored many genres of music, including Christian music, and also continues to tour and also perform today.

Here are the lyrics to “I Wonder Why” by Dion and also The Belmonts (minus the doo wop nonfeeling syllables):

“Dont’ know why I love you like I do, don’t understand why I execute.Don’t know why I love you, don’t recognize why I careI just desire your love to share

I wonder why, I love you prefer I doIs it bereason I think you love me tooI wonder why, I love you like I do, choose I execute.

I told my friends that we would never before partThey regularly sassist that you would certainly break my heartI wonder why they think that we will part, we will certainly part

When you’re via me, I’m certain you’re constantly trueWhen I’m ameans, I wonder what you doI wonder why I’m certain you’re always true, constantly true

Don’t know why I execute.”

For other songs by Dion and The Belmonts: “Wright here or When” and “A Teenager in Love.”

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