Red:I wish I might tell you that Andy fought the great fight, and the Sisters let him be. I wish I can tell you that - but prichild is no fairy-tale civilization. He never before sassist who did it, however we all knew. Things went on choose that for awhile - prichild life consists of regimen, and also then more routine. Eincredibly so frequently, Andy would certainly display up with fresh bruises. The Sisters retained at him - periodically he was able to fight "em off, occasionally not. And that"s exactly how it went for Andy - that was his routine. I perform believe those first 2 years were the worst for him, and also I also believe that if points had actually gone on that way, this place would certainly have actually gained the best of him. Transcript: I wish I could tell you Andy dealt with the excellent fight......and the Sisters let him be.I wish I might tell you that......however prichild is no fairy-tale human being.He never said that did it.But we all kbrand-new.Things went on choose that for a while.Prison life consists of routine......and then even more routine.Eincredibly so frequently, Andy would certainly present up with fresh bruises.The Sisters maintained at him.Sometimes he had the ability to fight them off.Sometimes not.And that"s exactly how it went for Andy.That was his program.I do believe those first two years were the worst for him.And I likewise believe if things had actually gone on that means......this place would have actually obtained the ideal of him.But then, in the spring of 1949......the powers that be decided:The roof of the license-plate manufacturing facility demands resurencountering.I need a dozen volunteers for a week"s job-related.As you understand......special information carries through it unique privileges.It was outdoor detail......and May is one damned fine month to be functioning outdoors.Stay in line tbelow.More than 100 males volunteered for the task.Wallace E. Unger.Ellis Redding.Wouldn"t you recognize it?Me and also some fellows I know were among the names called.Andrew Dufresne.It just price us a load of smokes per male.I made my usual 20 percent, of course.So this big-swarm lawyer calls me long-distance from Texas.I say, "Yeah?"He states, "Sorry to indevelop you, however your brvarious other simply passed away."- I"m sorry to hear that. - I"m not. He was an asshole.Ran off years ago. Figured him for dead.So this lawyer fellow claims to me: duration: 132 seconds Views: 164 Timestamp in movie: 00:00:00 Uploaded: 13 December, 2020 Genres: drama Summary: Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and also eventual redemption with acts of widespread decency.

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02:29 I"m certain by currently you"ve heard 00:28 I understand also you"re a male that knows how to acquire points 00:26 Couldn"t play somethin" good 01:28 Drink up while it"s cold 00:27 They"ll let me out 01:28 This place ain"t so poor 00:30 They can not ignore me forever 00:16 IT"S MY LIFE 00:18 Now there"s a game of emperors 00:26 What did you say 00:56 You"re holding up the present 00:44 TWO POINTS 01:02 Pleased to check out you reading this 00:20 Thirty years 01:07 I didn"t shoot my wife 00:15 What"s he in right here for 00:52 You pulling infirmary duty this week 00:26 Thumb up my butt sounds better 00:21 I ain"t checked out such a sorry lookin" heap o" maggained shit in all... 04:14 I wonder if you might gain me a rock hammer 00:42 Open this door