Your everyday diet makes a huge distinction in the means you feel, however it likewise plays a component once it concerns your body odor. In truth, the phrase "you are what you eat" is particularly specific as soon as it concerns your pee. Without a doubt, certain foods items influence the pungency of your urine even more than others. (Hello, asparagus.)
Some foods items that make your pee smell are completely healthy. Asparagus, for starters, provides your urine that signature smell bereason of its high asparagusic acid content. When this compound is damaged dvery own throughout digestion, you"re left through the stinky culprits: sulfur-containing chemicals such as methanethiol and S-methyl thioesters (which, turns out, only some civilization deserve to smell).

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Asparagus isn"t the just food that will give your urine a distinct odor, yet. Keep analysis for even more reasons your pee could have you saying pee-ew!

8 other foodstuffs that make your pee smell

1. Brussels sprouts

If you"ve been snacking onBrussels sprouts wings lately, your pee is around to offer you ameans. When your body breaks dvery own the veggie throughout digestion, it produces methyl mercaptan, a gas that"s popular for making your urine smell less-than-stellar.

2. Onions

Onions make you cry, and they likewise make your urine stinky. Like Brussels sprouts, methyl mercaptan occurs normally in the vegetable. Alengthy via transforming your pee, the gas is additionally responsible for negative breath.

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3. Fish

Yep, eating fish could cause your urine to smell fishy, also. According to theCollege of The golden state, Berkeley, those who have the metabolic disordertrimethylaminuria can"t appropriately break down the compoundtrimethylamine. Since of that, the compound builds up and exits the body using sweat, your breath, and also urine.

4. Coffee

If you"re an avid coffee drinker, expect a scent.When your body breaks it down, bycommodities of coffeereferred to as metabolites wind up in your urine. And the outcome is a coffee-favor smell as soon as you go to the bathroom. It also serves as a good reminder that youmightwant to cut ago on the Starbucks a little bit.

Discover even more around the benefits of coffee in the video below:


Curry is absolutely comforting throughout the winter months, but it could come at a price. Because cumin—among its prime ingredients—includes sulhair compounds, it have the right to cause your pee to stink.


Garlic and also onions are in the very same household, so it"s no wonder both pungent-smelling veggies likewise product strong-smelling urine. But tright here are plenty of benefits that come from dealing with the stench, choose its ability to fight inflammation, cancer, and also defend your liver.

Watch the video listed below to learn around the health benefits of garlic:

7. Alcohol

After a night with one also many type of margaritas, your body"s many crucial goal is getting all that alcohol out of your mechanism. According toclinical psychologistJohn Mayer, PhD, it does so through oxidation, a procedure that breaks dvery own the toxins in alcohol and excretes them through your breath, sweat, and—you guessed it—urine.

8. Pineapple

Phew! Not all foods develop foul-smelling pee. One that actually renders your urine smell excellent is pineapple. When you eat the high-sugar fruit, periodically your body fluids start smelling sweet, also.

Other reasons besides food that your pee is smelly

According to urologist Michael Ingber, MD, tbelow are factors besides what you eat that might tweak your pee"s scent. "Lots of things contribute to the odor of urine. Some might be normal, others may be a authorize that somepoint is wrong," he says. Here, Dr. Ingber highlights the most common non-diet-related reasons for a adjust in urine smell, including as soon as to watch a medical professional.

1. Hydration

"Hydration condition affects not only the shade of urine, yet also the odor," Dr. Ingber states. He describes that when you"re dehydrated, the kidneys concentprice the urine and organize on to excess water. This, he states, transforms your pee"s smell together with its shade (which you might notices goes from clear or light yellow to a darker hue).

2. Medication

Dr. Ingber likewise says that certain medicines can adjust the method your pee smells, mainly sulfa drugs, which are used to treat infections as well as diabetes. "These medicines have the right to reason urine to have actually a rotten egg smell," he claims.

3. Rare genetic conditions

"Rarely, specific hereditary problems deserve to reason urine odor. For example, maple syrup urine disease is a rare illness that affects the body"s capacity to metabolize specific amino acids," Dr. Ingber says. "If you have this condition—typically diagnosed early in life—your urine may smell favor, you guessed it: maple syrup." (Please soptimal through a doctor if your urine routinely smells favor maple syrup; this condition can bring about body organ damages.)

4. Infections

Sometimes, Dr. Ingber claims pee transforms smell bereason of an infection, such as E. coli or staph (Staphylococcal). So if you have one of these infections, a change in urine could be a possible side result.

5. Excess ketones

Dr. Ingber states having excess ketones can also cause pee to smell differently. "We check out this in human being who have actually diabetes when their sugars aren"t well controlled, or when they obtain into a "ketoacidosis" crisis," he states. "This is a medical emergency, and calls for urgent attention."

In general, if you aren"t sure what"s resulting in your pee to smell various than usual, it"s ideal to view a urologist that have the right to watch if it"s pertained to among the non-diet causes highlighted above—and help you gain the vital treatment. Dr. Ingber claims world that are pregnant or have diabetes or an autoimmune condition are particularly encouraged to see a medical professional if their pee smell changes and they aren"t certain why. That method, the medical professional deserve to run tests to make certain tright here isn"t an infection or other difficulty.

"There are some residence gadgets one deserve to usage currently, which are really cool, and also often have the right to help you prevent traveling to a medical professional," he adds. "For example, ScanWell Health has actually an app which transforms your smartphone into our $15,000 urinalysis machine we use in the office. You can pee on a urine test sexpedition, the app will sdeserve to it, and tell you the likelihood of it being an infection. If it"s positive, you have the right to affix through a medical professional on the application to acquire antibiotics."

The bottom line is that what you eat can absolutely adjust the way your pee smells. If you"ve been loading up on any of the foodstuffs highlighted on the list above, possibilities are you will certainly notification a slight change. But if you have any reason to believe it might be because of a reason other than diet, book some challenge time with your doc. It could be the yellow flag your body"s waving to grab your attention.

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Updated via brand-new creating and also reporting by Emily Laurence. Originally publiburned March 7, 2019.

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