All of us at Ben & Jerry’s are outraged around the murder of an additional Babsence perchild by Minneapolis police policemans last week and the continued violent response by police against protestors. We have to soptimal out. We have to stand in addition to the victims of murder, marginalization, and also repression because of their skin shade, and via those that look for justice via protests across our country. We have to say his name: George Floyd.

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George Floyd was a son, a brvarious other, a father, and a friend. The police officer that put his knee on George Floyd’s neck and the police police officers that stood by and also watched didn’t simply murder George Floyd, they stole him. They stole him from his household and his friends, his church and his neighborhood, and also from his own future.

The murder of George Floyd was the outcome of inhumane police brutality that is perpetuated by a culture of white supremacy. What taken place to George Floyd was not the outcome of a poor apple; it was the predictable consequence of a racist and also prejudiced system and society that has actually treated Black bodies as the foe from the start. What happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis is the fruit borne of toxic seeds planted on the shores of our nation in Jamestown in 1619, as soon as the first enslaved guys and also woguys arrived at this continent. Floyd is the latest in a long list of names that stretches ago to that time and that shore. A few of those names we recognize — Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Osvehicle Grant, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Emmett Till, Martin Luther King, Jr. — the majority of we don’t.

The policemans who murdered George Floyd, who stole him from those who loved him, need to be brought to justice. At the very same time, we must embark on the more complex work of moving justice for all the victims of state sponsored violence and racism.

Four years ago, we publicly proclaimed our support for the Black Lives Matter activity. Today, we want to be also even more clear about the urgent have to take concrete steps to dismantle white supremacy in all its forms. To perform that, we are calling for four things:

First, we call upon President Trump, elected officials, and political parties to commit our country to a formal procedure of healing and also reconciliation. Instead of calling for the usage of aggressive strategies on protestors, the President must take the first step by disavowing white supremacists and also nationalist groups that overtly support him, and by not utilizing his Twitter feed to promote and normalize their ideas and also agendas. The human being is watching America’s response.

Second, we contact upon the Congress to pass H.R. 40, law that would certainly produce a commission to examine the effects of slaextremely and also discrimination from 1619 to the present and recommend proper remedies. We cannot relocate forward together as a country until we begin to grapple through the sins of our previous. Slavery, Jim Crow, and also segregation were units of legalized and also monetized white dominance for which generations of Babsence and Brown world phelp an immeasurable price. That price have to be recognized and the privilege that accrued to some at the price of others have to be reckoned via and also redressed.

Third, we assistance Floyd’s family’s speak to to create a national task force that would draft bipartisan regulation aimed at finishing racial violence and also enhancing police accountability. We can’t proceed to money a criminal justice mechanism that perpetuates mass incarceration while at the very same time threatens the lives of a totality segment of the population.

And finally, we contact on the Department of Justice to reinvigorate its Civil Rights Division as a staunch defender of the civil liberties of Babsence and also Brvery own world. The DOJ need to likewise reinstate policies rolled earlier under the Trump Administration, such as consent out decrees to curb police abprovides.

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Unmuch less and until white America is willing to collectively acknowledge its privilege, take duty for its previous and the impact it has on the existing, and also commit to creating a future steeped in justice, the list of names that George Floyd has actually been included to will certainly never end. We need to use this minute to accelerate our nation's long journey towards justice and also a much more perfect union.