Concrete Poem: a poem whose interpretation is conveyed with its graphic form or pattern on the web page.

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Here I Go Dvery own Circle Road

By: Shel Silverstein


“Here I go dvery own circle road, strong and hopeful hearted. Thunstable the dust and also wind up just precisely wright here I began.”

Explanation of Technique

A concrete is a poem that is written in the shape of the topic of the poem. This poem is about a perchild that walks dvery own a circle road and also always ends up where they began. As such, the poem is created in the shape of a circle, and also the perchild is also walking along its exterior.

 Interpretation of Poem

This poem by Shel Silverstein is fairly brief, yet it still has actually an extremely deep message. “Here I go dvery own circle road, solid and hopeful hearted.” This component of the poem is about how world walk dvery own a circling road that never before ends, and at first you feel hopeful that it will certainly finish and also tright here will be a beginning. Then “Thstormy the dust and wind up just specifically wbelow I began.” this sentence represents exactly how the circle road never really ends for some civilization. They begin walking and moving on with hope in the hearts, only to discover themselves back wbelow they started.

Visual to Illustprice Poem


Explanation of Visual

This is a picture of a guy walking alone on a straight road that appears never-finishing. The poem is about a male walking on a circle road endlessly. He starts out hopeful, but then realizes that he is still on that never-finishing road without everywhere to go. Just like the poem, the man in the picture is walking on a long road. He might have actually started off through hope, however currently that he has actually been walking he could realize that this lengthy road never ends.

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Biographical Information

Shel Silverstein started creating poeattempt at an extremely young age. He ended up being a poet, a songwriter, an artist, and also a Grammy-winning, Oscar-nominated songwriter. He is the majority of known for his job-related that appeals to young readers such as “The Giving Tree” (1964), and “The Missing Piece” (1976). Silverstein won many type of awards for his immensely renowned poetry collections over the years including: “Wright here the Sidewalk Ends” and “Falling Up”. Shel Silverstein constantly discovered a method to mix the sly, the severe, and the simply rather silly.

Picture/GIF of poem: