On April 6, students attfinishing the Farmingdale High School junior prom at Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury talked about their fashion selections and embracing what makes them stand out. Credit: Jennifer A. Uihlein

When Michael Haggerty was considering just how he can invite his boyfriend to Farmingdale High School’s junior prom, he had actually one rule: “Life’s brief. Go big.”

Haggerty, 16, claims his relationship with Dylan Tobie, a Kellenberg High School senior whom he met at callbacks for a neighborhood production of “Legally Blonde,” has actually been built on grand also gestures.

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When Tobie, 18, asked Haggerty to be his boyfriend last September, he pretfinished to have a level tire and had Haggerty get out of the automobile and also inspect the trunk for a spare. But instead of a tire, Haggerty was met via a rose and a authorize that said, “Will you be mine?”

Then, to celebprice one month of being together, it was Haggerty’s turn to pull out every one of the stops for his promposal.

Haggerty arranged a scavenger hunt for Tobie. He gathered a group of their friends and also had actually each perchild wait at a spot that was substantial in the couple’s relationship — including Seaford Cinemas, wright here they had their first day, and Haggerty’s house, where they shared their first kiss.

Tobie inevitably uncovered himself on a train headed towards Manhattan to have actually lunch at Planet Hollywood.

Haggerty told Tobie, “That’s it, that’s the surpincrease, we’re having lunch through all of our friends!” But he still had actually a couple of more tricks up his sleeve.

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A frifinish pretended to have actually a stomach ache and excoffered herself from lunch, presumably to go to a adjacent CVS for Tums. In accordance with their setup, Haggerty offered to go through her.

“When he left … I was actually really upcollection,” Tobie sassist. “I was prefer, ‘OK, whatever before. That was fun for what it was, we’ll just go residence.”

But Tobie began to suspect something after leaving Planet Hollywood. His friends sassist they were going to discover Haggerty, yet the team headed in the oppowebsite direction of the nearest CVS. Then, as they approached Times Square, someone spanned Tobie’s eyes.

When the frifinish unextended his eyes, tright here was Haggerty, blasting “Shallow” from “A Star is Born” and also holding up posters “Love Actually” style — a fitting promposal for Farmingdale’s Hollywood-themed prom.

The posters featured titles of songs from “A Star is Born,” like “Almethods Remember Us This Way” and also “I’ll Never before Love Again” wcooktop in through declarations of love and commitment, before the last sign asked the significant question: “Will you go to prom through me?”

It wasn’t long prior to both of them were crying.

“It was emotional to have actually the crowd roughly us,” Haggerty sassist, explaining that world had actually gathered to watch the promposal. “That’s what I wanted bereason … that’s exactly how our relationship is, it’s exceptionally out tbelow.”

Haggerty’s mother, Yolanda Aponte, was his audience once he practiced flipping posters and was impressed by how imaginative her son and his peers have actually obtained through promposals.

“When I remained in institution it was favor, ‘Welp, perform you want to go to the prom?’ ‘I guess so.’ We didn’t obtain all that,” she said.

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Michael Haggerty, left, with date Dylan Tobie, talk via a friend at Farmingdale High School"s junior prom on April 6. Credit: Jennifer A. Uihlein
The promposal and the prom, which was hosted April 6 at Crest Hollow Country Club, were added distinct for Tobie bereason his college doesn’t have actually a prom.

Though he had actually accompanied friends to their schools’ proms in the previous, “it’s not the very same as when you go through someone you love and also someone you’re in a connection with,” he shelp. “It’s pretty one-of-a-kind.”