Old School is a story about 3 middle-aged friends who yearn to hang on to their college days by beginning a fraternity near a college campus. Mitch (Luke Wilson), Bernard (Vince Vaughn) and also Frank the Tank (Will Ferrell) team up for some excellent laughs and also crazy antics! A few of the the majority of renowned and timeless social quotes come from this excellent comedy! The Social Quoter certainly recommends this movie!

The Social Quoter Rating: 8.5/10

Social Quotes

“You’re my boy, Blue“!!!

“Well, actually it’s a pretty nice bit Saturday. We’re gonna go to Home Depot.

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Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff favor that. Maybe Bed Bath & Beyond…I don’t know…I don’t understand if we’ll have enough time!!

“He’s gonna carry out one“!!

“It’s so good! Once it hits your lips, it’s so good“!!!

“We’re going streaking!!!! We’re going streaking with that quad and also right into the gymnasium! Come on everybody!”

“This is me leaving…this is me leaving”

“Do you think I prefer staying clear of my wife and kids to hang out through 19 year-old girls all day?”

“And don’t concern, for the Godfather, it’s always on the house”

“Before I left for school my mother shelp, “Weency, if you screw this up I’ll kill you”!….she confirmed me the knife“!!!

“What happened? I blacked out”

“That’s the means you carry out it!! That’s the means you debate“!!

“That’s right! We can’t have anyone freak out out tbelow ok?! We gotta save our composure! We’ve come as well far! There’s too a lot to lose! We gotta keep our composure“!!!!

“I think I view Blue…he looks glorious“!!!

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"Weency, actually it"s a pretty nice little bit Saturday, And do not worry, Before I left for college my mother said, Blue, college, comedy, Do you think I favor staying clear of my wife and kids to hang out with 19 year-old girls all day, for the Godfather, fraternity, godfather, He"s gonna execute one, I think I see Blue...he looks glorious, if you screw this up I"ll kill you"!....she verified me the knife, it"s always on the home, it"s so excellent, It"s so good! Once it hits your lips, jeremy piven, luke wilson, old, party, college, tank, That"s the means you perform it!! That"s the means you controversy, This is me leaving...this is me leaving, vince vaughn, We"re going streaking!!!! We"re going streaking with that quad and also into the gymnasium! Come on everybody, Well, What happened? I blacked out, will ferrell, You"re my boy