The term ‘dime bag’ has been around for decades. Placed very ssuggest, a dime bag is $10 worth of weed. This term of measurement for cannabis is slowly going away.

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The widespread way to meacertain weed is by weight. That is, you would certainly offer a gram for a details amount. Then you have eighths and quarters and also so on. If you’re not acquainted with weed weights then check out among my various other posts: Marijuana Weight: Grams, Quarters, and also Ounces. Oh my!

But, some people still use the term dime, as well as, nickel and also dub so I’ll break it all dvery own for you below. 

How Many Grams in a Dime Bag?

Here’s wright here things obtain fishy, and why people are utilizing the dime bag less and less. A dime bag is a collection dollar amount of weed and no collection weight. This implies the amount you gain is going to weigh differently between sellers. Of course, the quality is going to greatly impact exactly how much you obtain. Depending on wright here you are a dime bag will certainly generally have actually in between .5-1 grams. Of course, you might have a better hookup that offers you a little more. Like I said, it’s going to differ significantly.

Dime Bag Size

The typical dime bags are the mini ziplock-style bags favor the one shown in the cover photo of this article. Sometimes the bags will screen a published architecture. The dimension of these bags commonly array in between 1-1.5 inches on each side, however you deserve to gain bags in eextremely size imaginable. You deserve to buy these bags on Amazon for pretty cheap.

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With that said, it does not have to actually be a mini ziplock to be a dime bag. If you’re buying $10 of weed then it’s a dime no issue if it’s in a sandwich bag or anypoint else.

Nickel Bag

A nickel bag (we always offered to call them ‘nicks’) is $5 worth of weed. This is the absolute smallest amount that anyone would certainly sell you. Many regularly it’s going to be low-grade bereason $5 worth of high-grade would certainly only be .25 grams or so. Normally, you’re going to obtain fifty percent a gram of low-top quality stuff. It’s typically the exact same size bag as a dime via fifty percent the amount of cannabis inside, but, occasionally you will check out also smaller sized bags supplied for nicks. 

Dub Sack

A dub sack is $20 worth of weed. The term dub was initially supplied to define 20-inch rims. Aacquire, the amount will certainly differ depending on quality n’ such, yet you’ll probably obtain everywhere from 1-3 grams. Of course, the dimension of a dub bag might be slightly larger than a dime bag – 2 inch x 2 inch is a prevalent size. 


Like I sassist before, the terms nickel, dime, and also dub are becoming antiquated. Using actual weights like grams and also ounces lets you understand exactly what you’re gaining. Of course, there are still plenty of world that still usage the term dime so it’s good to understand. 

What carry out you think? Do you still know civilization that use dimes instead of grams? Let me recognize in the comment section below. 

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Patti says:
December 3, 2016 at 2:30 pm

I understand folks that still sell dime bags and also the weed is pretty great. The difficulty is you hardly obtain sufficient to roll a joint. Me I don’t prefer wasting money or keep going back so I tfinish to buy a half Oz at a time. Those that can’t afford that much at one time count on the dime bags…

David says:
October 13, 2017 at 6:56 am

Its really basic math okay look!!!Good weed#1=.5 is 10$#2=1.0 is 20$#3=1.5 is 30$#4=3.5 is 35 to 40$#5=7.0 is 70$#6=14.0 is 135 to 140#7=28.0 is 285 to 300#8= 224gs is 600 to 800