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Here are 13 French phrases that usage the classic love expression “Je t’aime.”


Je t’aime:/zhuh-tem/

How to pronounce Je t’aime

To effectively say “Je” (I) in French, you have to say it using a sound that doesn’t really exist (that I recognize of) in the English language.

The incorrect way:Je is not pronounced through a difficult “J” like in the words Jagger or jump.

The correct way:: Je is pronounced with a soft “J” favor in the following words: Beijing, Jacques Cousteau and also Zsa Zsa Gábor.

The dual meaning of Aimer: Like and love

It’s straightforward to distinguish between love and also like in English bereason tbelow are 2 various verbs for these 2 sentiments.

In French, yet, there is only one verb, “AIMER,” which deserve to expect both LIKE and also LOVE, depending on exactly how you construct the French expression and also the conmessage, which we’ll go over in my examples below.


2. I choose you incredibly much

Je t’aime beaucoup: or Je t’aime bien/zhuh-tem boo-coo/ or /zhuh-tem bee-yen/

Je t’aime beaucoup and also Je t’aime bien DO NOT MEAN I love you very much (all the time.)

This one is tricky, so pay attention.

You already recognize that the French word “BEAUCOUP” implies “a lot” or “extremely much,” and bien implies “good” or “well,” so shouldn’t “je t’aime beaucoup” and also he t’aime bien intend “I love you exceptionally much” or something similar?


Adding an adverb transforms the interpretation of Aimer from love to like

For example, these two phrases suppose I choose you a lot or extremely a lot.

Je t’aime bien:If you include the adverb “bien,” which indicates excellent or well, the expression no much longer suggests you love someone, yet fairly you choose them “Je t’aime bien.”Je t’aime beaucoup:If you include the adverb “beaucoup” to the phrase “I love you” and tell someone you’re romantically involved through “je t’aime beaucoup,” you’re actually telling them ‘” I prefer you a lot,” not “I love you incredibly much.”

These two phrases are mostly supplied between friends via whom you share a cshed or affectionate partnership.

Here’s the exception.

If you tell a family member (brother, sister, parents) “je t’aime beaucoup,” you’re telling them you love them very much.If you tell someone you’re romantically involved via (husband, girlfrifinish, boyfrifinish,) Je t’aime beaucoup; you’re actually saying I prefer you exceptionally much:

You could be interested to learn that.

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The ideal means to say I love you is to say “Je t’aime” yet if you desire to expush to someone you love them a lot, use the complying with French love phrases.

3. I love you strongly, or I love you exceptionally much

Je t’aime très fort:/zhuh-tem tray-fore/

As I discussed in the example over, if you want to tell someone you’re romantically associated via that you love them exceptionally a lot, don’t say “je t’aime beaucoup” or “je t’aime bien. Instead, say “je t’aime très fort.”

“Très fort” literally means exceptionally solid, and as soon as you tack it on to the end of the phrase (Je t’aime), as in “Je t’aime très fort,” it means: “I love you exceptionally strongly,” but deserve to additionally translate to I love you so much, I love you very a lot, I really love you.

4. I love you favor crazy

Je t’aime à la folie:/zhuh-tem-ah-law-foe-lee/

“La folie” literally means madness, so when you say “Je t’aime a la folie,” you’re saying you love them choose crazy, madly or insanely.

5. I love you to death

je t’aime a mourir:/zhuh-tem-ah-moo-rear/

“Mourir” is the verb “To die,” so ” je t’aime a mourir” indicates you love someone to fatality.

6. I love you through all my heart

Je t’aime de tout mon Coeur:/zhuh-tem-duh-too-moan-kur/

A cute means to tell someone you love them is to say “je t’aime avec tout mon coeur, which implies I love you via all my heart.

7. I love you without limits

Je t’aime d’un amour sans limited: /zhuh-tem-dun-ah-moor-san-limit/

If your love for someone is limitless, include “sans limit” to “je t’aime.” You deserve to translate “Je t’aime sans limite” several methods, including…I love you without limits; my love is limitless, my love is boundless, or my love for you knows no limits.

8. I love you to the moon and back

Je t’aime jusqu’à la lune et le retour:/zhuh-tem-zhuska-lah-lune-ay-luh-ruh-tour/

No one is sure of the beginnings of this hyperbolic expression “I love you to the moon and also ago,” which supplies the moon’s celestial feat and also distance to dramatize the level to which you love someone. This is not a widespread French phrase, by the way.

9. I’ll love you forever before and always

Je t’aime pour toujours et a jamais:/zhuh-tem-poor-too-zhure-ay-zha-may/

“Pour toujour” (forever or for always)

“jamais” (never)

Idiomatically speaking, tbelow are a pair of methods to analyze this dramatic French love expression. I’ll love you forever and also always, or I’ll love you forever before and ever.

But literally, this expression suggests “I’ll love you for constantly and also never.”

10. I love you even more than anyone has actually ever before loved

Je t’aime comme personne n’a jamais aimé:/zhuh-tem-come-pair-son-nah-zhamay-em-ay/

Go full-on knots landing on your crush and tell them you love them as no-one has actually ever been loved before.

11. I love you more than life

Je t’aime plus que la vie:/zhuh-tem-ploos-kuh-la-vee/

A exceptionally intimate means to tell someone you love them.

12. I’ll love you for eternité

je t’aime pour l’éternité:/zhuh-tem-poor-lay-tear-knee-tay/

If the mood strikes, attempt informing him or her you’ll love them for eternity.

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13. I’ll love you until my last breath or dying breath

Je t’aimerai jusqu’à mon dernier souffle: /zhe-tem-err-ay-zhewss-ka-moan-dare-nyair-soofluh/

Straight out of a Tella Novella, I’ll love you until my last breath will acquire your point throughout pretty quick.