This song is driven by a huge, saucy chorus offered by the singer Sleepy Brown and the Hornz Limitless horn area. Each chorus is simply 2 repetitions of this stanza, via the horns answering after eextremely line:I choose the method you moveI like the means you moveI love the way you moveI love the way, I love the wayThis section hits tough complying with the verses, wbelow Big Boi packs in loads of lyrics over a sulattempt beat. His sections attribute lots of clever wordplay as jumps off on various tangents, supplying his thoughts on significant girls, skinny girls and the 808s (Roland TR-808 drum machine) pumping bass.

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This song was component of Outkast"s double album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
, which was really solo albums by the duo, with Big Boi responsible for Speakerboxxx and Andre 3000 for The Love Below. There were rumors that this signalled the finish of Outkast, which Big Boi addressed in some of the opening lines of this track:Outkast is everlastin"Not clashin", not at all
The "Hey Ya" video, directed by Bryan Barber, set a high standard, via Andre 3000 appearing as eincredibly member of his band also. Big Boi wanted something via a different concept yet just as innovative, so he and also Barber came up via several wild principles they put into action. The clip starts through Big Boi and Sleepy Brown at a car repair shop run by imperhaps beautiful women wearing extremely little bit. From tright here, it goes right into a digital ballroom wbelow Fonzworth Bentley drops in, Mary Poppins style, on an umbrella. Bentley was finest well-known as P. Diddy"s individual assistant, showing up at assorted occasions shading the star with his umbrella. Bentley visited high institution through Big Boi, that wanted him in the video.The scene inevitably shifts to the Afrihave the right to savanna, then earlier to the ballroom and auto shop, however no matter the place, it"s stocked through beautiful woguys. "It"s gained to be flooded through the a lot of beautiful girls you have the right to uncover," was Big Boi"s directive.
Tright here is lots of 808 on this track, however likewise plenty of organic instruments. In addition to the horns, tbelow is guitar by Victor Vick (ZaZa) and bass by Debra Killings.
Big Boi and Andre 3000 maintained their performances separate when fostering the album, so Andre did "Hey Ya" without Big Boi and also Big Boi did "The Way You Move" without Andre. "Hey Ya" was a bigger song, so it was widespread for "Outkast" to show up without Big Boi to percreate it. When Outkast was the musical guest on the November 1, 2003 episode of Saturday Night Live, they separation it, via Andre doing "Hey Ya" and Big Boi taking the next musical number via "The Way You Move."
The hook vocals and also horns sound a lot like Earth, Wind & Fire, which made many kind of wonder if Outkast supplied them on this track. In 2004, Earth, Wind & Fire reworked the song through Kenny G, keeping the hook however replacing the verse lyrics through Kenny G"s sax and also a new collection of lyrics by EW&F vocalist Phillip Bailey. This variation got to #12 on the Adult Contemporary chart; it showed up on Earth, Wind & Fire"s Illumination
album and on Kenny G"s At Last... The Duets Album.

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Big Boi performed this song at the 2019 Super Bowl, which was organized in his hometown of Atlanta. Maroon 5 was the headliner and also Travis Scott also percreated, yet a variety of artists, consisting of Cardi B, turned down invites to play the halftime show in protest of the NFL"s treatment of Colin Kaepernick, made headlines by refutilizing to stand also for the National Anthem. Big Boi, that gotten in in a Cadillac and also wore a fur coat, stood for classic Atlanta hip-hop, yet only gained to perform the one song.