Another cheery womale holds an additional injured man hostage, with a dark magic twist, in this mesmerizing little bit film.

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Eloise (Loretta Devine) absorbs the wounded airplane crash victim Marquis (Omari Hardwick) — and also won’t let him leave — in “Spell.” Paramount Pictures
After the roaring success of “Die Hard” in 1988, there was an onslaught of knockoffs, from “Under Siege” (“Die Hard” on a ship) to “Passenger 57” (“Die Hard” on a plane) to “Speed” (“Die Hard” on a bus) to “Sudden Death” (“Die Hard” in a hockey arena) and also the list has actually continued to grow through the 21st century.

You recognize what we didn’t really see? We didn’t check out a entirety bunch of “Misery” ripoffs after the success of the brilliant original in 1990. We didn’t get “Misery” in a deluxe hotel, “Misery” in a bed & breakrapid, “Misery” in a trailer park, “Misery” at a boarding institution, “Misery” at a time share … nothing!

‘Spell’: 3 out of 4


Paramount Pictures presents a film directed by Mark Tonderai and also written by Kurt Wimmer. Rated R (for violence, disturbing/bloody images, and language). Running time: 103 minutes. Opens Friday at regional theaters and on demand also.

As we proceed our string of Fappropriate Week reviews of brand-new movies this week(including “Come Play” and “The Craft: Legacy”), the latest enhancement is “Spell” — and also yep, it’s an unababurned homage to “Misery,” finish via a crash in a remote area; a badly injured male waking up in the bedroom of a stranger’s house; an outwardly cheerful but quite insane maternal caretaker that nurses the male earlier to health and wellness while holding him hophase and also maintaining him drugged up; a gruesome and also crippling sequence that will certainly prevent the victim from walking any kind of time quickly, and also a visit from the regional county sheriff that goes sidemethods.

Ah, but here’s the twist: “Spell” is “Misery” in rural Appalachia, through Hoodoo dark magic!

Director Mark Tonderai and screenwriter Kurt Wimmer have cooked up a deliciously twisted bit set item with some truly creepy and also grotesquely memorable horror sequences, brought to life by excellent performances from the small ensemble, led by the suitably stoic and grimly identified Omari Hardwick (“Being Mary Jane,” “Power” on Starz) in the James Caan/hophase duty, and also the inhelpful veteran character actress Loretta Devine in the Kathy Bates/villain component.

Hardwick’s Marquis is a sophisticated, successful attorney with a growing exercise, a gorgeously appointed house and also a loving family, including his wife Veora (Lorraine Burroughs) and also their two kids, Samsara (Hannah Gonera) and also Tydon (Kalifa Burton). Marquis never talks around his childhood in Appalachia, yet the horrific scars on his back and flashearlier scenes tell us he was brutalized by his father and also was offered some incredibly dark lessons about a certain way of living. When Marquis learns his estranged father has actually died, Veora states the family members will certainly accompany him to the funeral, as a display of family support.

Big mistake, Veroa. Huge.

They all hop into Marquis’ little airplane and also take off for the mountains — but a deadly storm swoops in and also there’s a disastrous crash, and also as soon as Marquis wakes up, he’s been seriously injured and he’s in the upstairs bedroom of a remote residence in the backwoods nation populated by one Eloise (Loretta Devine) and also her husband Earl (the wonderful John Beasley). As for his family: The cheerful, upbeat, ever-smiling Eloise says Marquis was all alone when they discovered him, and while they’d favor to honor his request to call the authorities, they don’t have actually a phone and the nearemainder hospital is 50 miles amethod — so it’s finest Marquis simply acquire some rest and ingest Eloise’s homemade remedies, and he’ll eventually be solid enough to leave and also discover out what occurred to his wife and also kids.

Ultimately. Maybe. Possibly never before.

As Marquis and Eloise establish the “Misery” dynamic — she fusses over him and dotes on him however keeps him locked in the room, he puts on a grateful front even as he plots his escape — we learn Eloise and Earl and the neighboring neighborhood are deeply right into dark magic, complete via late-night rituals and a sacrifice timed to the arrival of the “blood moon.” Eloise keeps a box of voodoo dolls that look precisely like their human counterparts, and if she does something prefer taking the tongue out of a voodoo doll, the actual human will lose the capability to speak.

“Spell” has actually an as necessary dark and also hazy and also hallucinogenic look, via rain pouring down in the dead of night as Marquis manperiods at least temporarily to acquire totally free and discovers some shocking and horrific and also supernatural truths around what’s really happening. It’s all yielded via a cool, B-movie style that fits the product, and also many thanks in large component to the performances of Hardwick and also specifically Devine, “Spell” keeps us mesmerized best via the final blaze of violent gory glory.

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