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“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” is an autobiography composed by Maya Angelou. She describes around her hard life “caged” flourishing up as a babsence girl from the South. Maya Angelou starts the novel around her life in the age of three through her four-year-old brvarious other Bailey. They are turned over the treatment of their paternal grandmother in Stamps. She describes how the two children were sent amethod after they parents’ divorce, traveling by train across the Southwestern and also cling to their tag “To whom It May Concern”, c/o Mrs Henderson. Both kids are looking this prefer rejection and loss of self-worth. “I’m being sent out amethod because I’m no lovable”. Angelou generalizes the youngsters instances as follows: “Years later on I uncovered that the USA had actually been crossed thousands of times by frightened Black youngsters traveling alone to their recently affluent parents in Northern cities, or babsence to grandmothers in Southern towns once the city North reneged on its economic guarantees.” (Caged Bird, 4). Smith says that Maya opens up through a primal childhood scene that brings right into focus the nature of the imprisoning setting from which the self will look for escape. The black girl kid is trapped within the cage of her very own diminiburned self-picture about which interlock the bars of organic and also social forces. (Interpretation, 6)
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Her grandmother’s store is the center of life in the Negro area of the tvery own, being the pick-up and also drop-off point for cotton pickers in picking season. Her grandmommy Henderboy is presented not only as the primary duty in center of her household, but as the leader of the black community in Stamps, solid and also spiritual. McMurry suggests that from Maya’s eyes the customers in her grandmother’s store were trapped in cotton fields, no amount of hope and work-related to obtain them out. Her uncle Willie is caged “must have been worn down of being crippled, as prisoners tire of penitentiary bars and also the guilty tire of blame”. Her grandmommy rises each morning through consciousness of a caged pet (Interpretation, 27).Maya and also her brother Baily were incredibly close during their childhood and also many of their adolescence. Maya in her story writes, “Throughout these years in Stamps, I met and also fell in love with William Shakespeare. He was my first white love” (Caged Bird, 11). Maya writes that “But it was Shakespeare who said, `When in disgrace through fortune and men’s eyes. It was a state with which I felt myself a lot of familiar. I pacified myself around his whiteness by saying that after all he had actually been dead so lengthy that it couldn’t issue to anyone any type of more”. She additionally enjoys the works of many kind of influential black authors, which her Momma, or grandmother, approves even more of. Although young Maya likes Shakespeare, and also is fine through the reality that he is white, her Momma wouldn’t desire to understand that Maya enjoys a white man’s work. Maya feels that she aacquire is “caged” and also can’t expush her thoughts and feeling around Shakespeare through grandmom.Angelou recalls how Momma supplied to make them bathe and wash constantly, also in cold water in wintertime. She used to firmly insist on them being respectful and also clean, which a lot of civilization were, other than for the “powhitetrash” children that came into the town. Those that pertained to the store were regularly very rude, however young Maya and also her household are not permitted to say anypoint, because they are black. Angelou explains her Momma; she is tall, huge, and strong, and leads in the hymns at church every Sunday. She is old-fashioned, though, as she teaches the youngsters to behave actually as she was to behave actually as a child, and also teaches them to act according to outdated racial codes of actions. Carol Neubauer comments in Angelou’s connection via her grandmommy claims that “Momma becomes a type of superwoman of huge proportions through ten feet tall through eight-foot arms” and also comes to the helpless child’s rescue. In this different vision, Angelou switches to fantasy to imply the depth of the child’s humiliation and the residue of pain also after her two negative teeth have actually been pulled. Fantasy, finally, is used to show the undimin­imelted stamina of the character of Momma.The recession hit the neighborhood and the big difference in between the white and also babsence areas of Stamps is noted; white world have plenty of clothing and also deserve to afford to be charitable and spfinish also much, and still they have actually sufficient for themselves. In the black neighborhood, human being can hardly afford to give anything ameans, so when they perform, it is much appreciated. Even though Momma has actually land also and also money, also she doesn’t spend money choose the white civilization carry out, budgeting very closely and also never wasting anypoint. Even Momma provides every one of the clothes for herself and the children, and also only buys Uncle Willie expensive, ready-made garments and also shoes. The depression hits Stamps, and also leads to weras being reduced and also challenge making ends accomplish. That additionally indicates that they can’t afford to shop at the save, and Momma hregarding number out just how to save the store running and also still make money. She enables the townspeople to profession the relief food that they gain for credit at the keep, and is able to save points going tbelow. The whole “black community of Stamps” Smith says, itself “caged” in the social fact of racial subordicountry and also impotence (Modern Critics, 133)Christmas comes, and Maya and also Bailey gain presents from their parental fees, who they hadn’t heard of because they were shipped off to Stamps. Maya and also Bailey’s father comes to Stamps the next year, to check out his children; neither of them were warned that he was coming, and it is hard for them to face their father in the flesh and also give up the fantasies they had actually around their lacking father. He is tall and also handsome, and also more correct and well-off than the human being in Stamps. Maya is happy that he is tright here, however then thinks that if world check out her and also her father together, their dissimilarity in looks will make world think she is not his daughter. When they ultimately execute fulfill their mom, she is very beautiful and also charming, and Maya and Bailey are no longer nervous or sad at being taken away from Stamps. Saint Louis is the vital turning suggest in Maya’s life. She got the mother’s love and treatment that she missed all the years in Stamps. Maya doesn’t have friends and just Bailey is the only one she can share her trick.Maya writes “Saint Louis was a international country. In my mind I just stayed in St. Louis a few weeks” and “I carried the exact same shield that I offered in Stamps: “I didn’t pertained to continue to be.” (Caged Bird, 58). In Saint Louis, mother’s boyfrifinish, Mr. Friedguy raped Maya at age of eight and she hospitalized. Maya explains that she looked at Mr. Freeguy as a “father figure”. He was the only real man that was a part of her life. Being at a young age she thought that Mr. Freemale just loved and also cared for her, simply choose any type of little girl would certainly. But it went farther Mr. Freeman inevitably pressures her to have sex, and also threatens her not to tell anybody. Eventually, Maya was encouraged that by her telling everyone about Mr. Freeguy raping her, yet condemning him and lying about the other times he molested her, she resulted in his fatality. Thinking that now every time she lies, someone will die, Maya decides to shield others by not speaking to anyone except Bailey. “I had actually found that to achieve perfect personal silence all I had to carry out wregarding attach myself leechprefer to sound. I started to listen to everything. I more than likely hoped that after I heard all the sounds the civilization would certainly be quiet roughly me” (Caged Bird , 87). The absence of sound in Maya’s life due to the rape and lies she shelp under oath had actually come to be the the majority of necessary thing to her. Her life currently came to be the sound of everyone else, burying the sound she believes deserve to kill; her own voice. Maya’s creating is easy and also she is extremely hocolony. Bertolino says that Angelou’s summary of her moleterminal and also rape is more than likely the most valuable component of her impressive book. Angelou tells the story honestly, without sensationalism, yet via enough palpable information and sufficient insight so we, the readers, could to understand also. (Bloom’s Note, 56)After these difficulties, Maya and her brvarious other went at Stamps. Smith argues that Maya’s psychological and emotional devaterminal discover a mirror in Stamps’ social devastation. Stamps offers her earlier the familiarity and defense of renowned cage. She climbs back in happily, shedding herself in her silent human being, surrendering herself to her own worthlessness. (Modern Critical Views, 9). Mrs Bertha Flowers played an important role in her life. Mrs. Flowers enabled Maya to come out of her depression and also learned around many various points. Mrs. Flower helped Maya to come out of depression, she states to her “Now no one is going to make you talk-possibly no one deserve to. But bear in mind, language is a man’s means of communicating with his fellow man and also it is language alone which sepaprices him from the lower animal” (Caged Bird, #). Mrs. Flowers, additionally introduces Maya to analysis publications, she learns that she need to be biased of ignorance, but understanding of the illiteracy, and also likewise Mrs. Flowers offered her to cookies and also tea. Smith suggests Mrs Freduced opens the door to the caged bird’s silence via the vital of acceptance. For the first time Maya is embraced as an individual fairly than as a relation to someone else: “I was preferred, and what a distinction it made. I was respected not as Mrs. Anderson’s grandson or Bailey’s sister however just being Marguerite Johnson” (Caged bird, 98). Such unqualified acceptance enables her to endure the incipient power of her own self-worth. (Modern Critical Views, 9).Angelou explains aget the inehigh quality in between whites and also blacks and also looked them in “cage”. Equal education and learning methods are likewise lacking, and the intellectual capacities of blacks are assumed sevecount limited; the schools provide an academic curriculum for whites and also an athletic one for blacks. “The white kids were going to have actually a possibility to become Galileo and Edison…and also the (black) boys (the girls weren’t also in on it) would attempt to be Jesse Owenses and Joe Louises,” writes Angelou (Caged Bird, 151). Using both irony and also straightforward summary, Angelou confronts racism and gender bias, and also tries to sensitize readers to these issues. Her voice come more powerful and also emotional “It was awful to be Negro and also have no control over my life. It was brutal to be young and already trained to sit quietly and also listen to charges brought versus my shade through no possibility of defense. We have to all be dead”. (Caged Bird, 153)At the graduation ceremony, throughout which the exciting expectation of the young graduates and also their households and also friends are exploded casually by the words of an oblivious and also insensitive white speaker, the young girl involves recognize currently the desperation of impotence (Modern Critical, 10):It was awful to be Negro and have no manage over my life. It was brutal to be young and currently trained to it quietly and listens to charges carried against my shade with no opportunity of defense. We should all be dead. I thought I need to like to watch us all dead, one on top of the various other. (Caged bird, 153)Angelou utilizing her memories to display exactly how hard was the life of babsence culture she was “caged” in babsence area. During a Gradation Party Maya gets a toothache and goes to view a white medical professional. The physician refuses to put his hands in a babsence girl’s mouth saying: “My plan is I’d quite stick my hand also in a dog’s mouth than in a nigger’s” (Caged Bird, 160). …………………………..